Friday, October 19, 2007

Stress and Venting

A whole plethora of work because other people's lack of planning is apparently an "emergency."
Maybe writing over the weekend that isn't snatchy. Cheers to go ALCS game Six.
Speechless and Over-Worked in MPLS

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why Baseball is Best for Playoff Following

*Disclaimer. The article discusses only the top for American sports. As always, Minnesota high school hockey is the best damn tournament, ever.*

Call it what you want. Baseball playoff are, well, spectacular compared to the other playoffs. Don't get me wrong 162 games is a long season. And when you're not in contention it's not a fun October. But there are cities like Kansas City, Tampa Bay that will spend decades of losing season, so not being in the post season for one year isn't so bad.

At the beginning of every major four season friends and I make picks. This has been a tradition for several years. I can proudly say that this year I like most people in the world, did not have the Rockies going to the World Series. But I did have the Indians. Which went against every bone in my being, because after being a MinnE fan I love my Boston sports. It's the Irish in me.

So for the haters here are my football and NHL final picks and who I will pick for NBA.

New England vs. Carolina
San Jose vs. Ottawa
Spurs vs. Boston

Back to baseball. Sure the royally messed it up with the strike. And Bud Selig is a douchebag, but the wildcard and having to have all 25 members on your team step up on different nights if fantastic to watch. I'm a sports lover at heart so as long as the games are interesting I'm sold. But to potentially have Rockies vs. Indians, granted it won't get much hype, but I'm guessing it could be better than any other major four championship.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Growing Pains of Growing Up

I'm 26. I make no claims that I am an adult. In fact, I sort of detest the fact that technically, under legal status, I am an "adult." I prefer my rip-off line of the CSNY song Southern Cross "looking for that woman-girl." Because somewhere between child and old soul is yours truly.

But here is where growing up takes some growing pains. I'm five years post college. I know who my friends are and who I will maintain to be friends with. Yes, we all had those friends that got engaged their senior year or knocked their girlfriends (usually the highly disliked girls at that) up. Forced into marriage, decided it was a good idea or realized the lack of self-esteem and didn't want to be spinsters or old balls with no action the rest of their lives.

Then there are the singletons. These people flaunt it in the face that they have no one to report to, can sleep with whomever whenever, etc. etc. The singletons fall into two categories. Those who are fronting and desperately want a relationship. And those who don't want to be in a committed anything for awhile, if ever.

I'm not in any of these groups. I'm in the dating someone for a third of my life category. So when the BFF informs me that she is engaged over email, it seems a bit odd. It's better to know than to not know, but an email announcement over a major life event ....? Chalk it up to growing pains of growing up I guess.