Friday, November 30, 2007

Is that cold November Rain or cold November Trade?

I admit the Santana Sweepstakes has me a bit curious. Isn't it the joy/anguish of every sports fan to play the role of GM and what would I do scenarios? It's part of the Madden game syndrome and the Internet that makes us everyday fans toil with the idea of being GM. And it's usually those of us who played sports, enjoyed the competition but realized at an early age that we were never going to make "A Field of Dreams" so we school ourselves on thinking we are smart business people and hence we gab endlessly about managerial decisions, GM trades or lack thereof, and the business components to sports. As much as we like to think they are games we love -- it truth American Sports are businesses with a bottom lines, stakeholders and profits to make.

So with the best pitcher in baseball what do the Twins do? It's much more fun to speculate than to actually have to live with it. So good luck boys.

Monday, November 26, 2007

An overdue catch up (with myself)

I've carried a journal around with my since I was a kid. I loved to write. Even if it didn't make any sense, have a plot or was grammatically inaccurate. I liked it. Always have, always will. For me, writing is a time to tap into my imagination or to articulate through pen the everyday occurrences that mean something for a moment and then disappear. I am that person who has journals full of "quotes to note" as I call them. I also have 100s of pages worth of story telling in bits -- meaning -- it's harder to remember what I was actually writing about. But eventually I get the gist. Trust me, when I die it will be a lot of paper to be recycled and if anyone is remotely interested, it will be sort of like a game or a treasure hunt to make sense of my rambles. Like now? I'm a rambler. If I could only grasp onto my thoughts long enough to make an tangible sense of them ....but it's a struggle I've had since childhood.

Actually it just feels nice to time and pretend like I am working on the 2008 planning and budget like I should be. But that's not doing "it" for me. I think the generation I am apart of, we need to tap into our creativity outlets -- whatever those are. Whether it's a nap, a blog, a walk, we will and cannot function as the workers who simply produce. It -- and by it I mean work -- has to be bigger than simply a paycheck. It has to mean something.