Friday, June 29, 2007

Vaca and I are BFFs

i took a rocket shot off my right hand in softball last night. got the out. and no, i wear my glove on my left hand. don't ask. and this morning but padding on my palm between my middle and ring finger is absolutely throbbing. normally there would be more whining than this, but that's cause in few hours i'm off to a lake on northern minnesota -- one of my favorite things in the world.

it's not the girls in white dresses with papers sashes and snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. these are not a few of my favorite things. its myself on a lake with alcohol and relaxing flowing in full effect. those are a few of my favorite things, thank you very much maria. sticking with the sound of music, i always changed that song "how do you solve a problem like maria" to my name. what kind of kid does that? exactly. but at least i wasn't prancing around my gazebo with a nazi named ralph. oh wait, we never had a gazebo in my middle class home.

so as i bid adieu to the twin cities until thursday, i will be out of commission. it's going to be fantastic. no emails. minimum phone calls. no working from home. no internet connection. it's fantastic to unplug yourself from the world and just float on a lake and be in touch with nature, to the best of your abilities. because keepin' it real we have running water and no outhouse. never a fan. always thought a spider was going to get close to my va-jay-jay or get a tick in my butt or something weird and prolly not highly likely.

yeah, vaca at the lake is my BFF. i throw the term BFF out there like players throw the term "i love you". but in minnesota is there anything more enjoyable than being on a lake in 80s degrees with sun, slight wind and a refreshing beverage in hand? i challenge anyone to a duel on this topic and will whole-heartedly disagree to an objectors. well now that i've drawn my place in the stand.

happy 4th festivities to those i know, those i don't and the strangers who troll around blogs.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, John!

Yes indeed. Happy Birthday to John Cusack, who today turns 41. Stars in the ultimate classics such as Sixteen Candles, Say Anything, Grosse Point Blank and High Fidelity.

His characters such as Lloyd Dobler and Rob Gordon are the sarcastic, under-achieving, moppy-eyed, no-girl-is-ever-going-to-be-happy-with-me variety. And you know wha t I've loved them. He also gets points for having his sister Joan in a few flicks, most hilarious in Con Air, being an avid Cubs fan and Clash fan. But loses a few for making the film America's Sweethearts and Must Love Dogs, along with reportedly making out with Britney, pre Britney-Come-to-My-Window-Juliette-Lewis-breakdown and before she popped out a few boys. So here's to you John Cusack! Happy birthday, you Chicago lovin' Irish lad!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

100 Things to Accomplish Before I Die

Now I don't know if I can name 100. But here's worth a shot. As usual with me, the ##s aren't of importance

1. Find someone to grow old with. (I don't know if marriage is in the cards for me, but as independent as I am, or think I am, I don't want to be alone all my life)

2. Skydive

3. Go to six out of seven continents. (only four more to go)

4. Go camping in the BWCA. I know. You'd think a girl from the Northland would have done something, but no.

5. Get a pilot's license

6. Hang glide.

7. Write a book

8. Get book published. C'mon people they are two separate tasks

9. Visit all of the MLB stadiums. I'm planning my someday honeymoon or some summer around this idea. I think it would be more perfect if I had a winnebago. Just the thought is like bad times on wheels. Two birds with one stone, that's what my book will be titled "The Good, The Bad and The Road to the MLB."

Wow. sometimes I amuse myself too easily.

10. Be a Roadie for a day.

11. Sit in for a song to play drums with any legitimate and relatively famous band

12. Learn another language

13. Avoid class reunions and go somewhere better that weekend

14. New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand!

15. White water rafting on Colorado River

16. Visit and kiss someone at Niagra Falls

17. Donate an organ to someone

18. Give enough blood over a lifetime to save a life

19. Adopt kids and maybe squirt out a few of my own

20. Tell my folks I love them on more regular basis

21. Streak when I'm in my 40s

22. Reduction of upper half. Not a lobotomy, but the other other half.

23. Learn to let go

24. Be completely vulnerable to someone

25. Hopefully never get divorced

26. Eat something that I caught myself or shot myself

27. Shoot a rifle

28. Always keep in touch my woman-girl self

29. Experiment with more recreational drugs in Amsterdam

30. Tip a cow. Kidding. Milk a goat

31. Try to climb on a horse again, after getting kicked off 20 years ago.

32. Always stand up for something

33. Always remembering my roots and where I came from, no matter where the wind blows me in this world

34. Remain open-minded to all possibilties

35. Threesome? Kidding, but maybe do something in that area that I wouldn't have considered. No specifics, though.

36. See any concert at Red Rocks

37. Finally see Radiohead in concert. Preferrably in the UK

38. Not have any cavities

39. Remain my firm butt and to not acquire mom butt -- ain't no flat thing, here.

40. Do an improv skit

41. Tap lessons

42. Learn to fox trot or waltz

43. Making a difference in someone's life, somehow for the better

44. Have a reliable job that I enjoy with benefits

45. To not have to touch my 401k until retirement

46. To reconnect with Z, wherever he is

47. To remain patriotic but questioning the government

48. Ski in Switzerland

49. Assist in Red Cross disaster relief efforts

50. Skate on XCEL ice with Brent Burns or other Wild players

Ok, so I'm sick of this and going to watch Jeopardy! Maybe I'll rattle off another 50 at a later date.

The Anti-Mentor

So I've been whoring myself this week on interviews. Whoring myself, nothing new to these parts. But seriously, four interviews in five days. Virtual insanity, without the moving floor. But I've been thinking of the mentors in my life -- the things they've taught me, how they've helped me grow, etc. etc. But then I got to thinking about the anti-mentor. They people you vowed you would never turn into, or do things how they would do them, etc. etc. So for those of you who know me, you'll prolly know some of the anties, but it should be mentioned that I have learned just as much from the anties, that I have from the mentors.

Drum roll please for the anti-mentors list and what they will teach you.

Loyalty. You'll find out quickly from those that turn on you who you can and cannot be loyal to.

Character. I think to think I have and had character at places that I have been an employee. But anti-mentors will test your character. They'll test you on who you are and will help shape the person who want to become ... i.e. not them.

Handling confrontation. That's the biggest thing with the anti-mentor. They will challenge you on stuff, in front of people or challenge you in ways you didn't think possible. Such as working 90 hour work weeks and getting no recognition for it, or having them give the credit to someone else who hardly did poo. But they will also make you a fighter if you have the balls to be one, because you will get sick of taking their shit. It's true. In fact I've submitted a grant proposal just to consider exploring the idea. kidding, of course.

Blaming/Passing the Buck. Single-handedly the best thing I've learned from the anti-mentor. I'm a team player, I knew this before, put I will never put blame on an individual. We all sink and we all swim. And that I think encourages and fosters a good team spirit. When everyone has each other's backs and everyone believes and trusts each other. I think when you work in a "me" or a "blame atmosphere" the "it's-not-my-fault-but-(insert X name's)-fault" that you go counter to the working team environment you are trying to portray.

Never sit with you face to the door. It's uncomfortable to the people working under you and it's anti zen. It's passive agressive and more like a "keep you under my thumb" thing. If you think an office space (sidenote one of my top ten films) set-up doesn't play a role in the team dynamic, think again.

Now I could easily write a list about how great my mentors have been and the attributes they have. But what is great about people who are you mentor is they are there for you, they encourage you, they can be hard on you, but that toughness is out of love and not out of threat, or fear, or dislike. It's out of a good place. And besides things they would do, that's what separates the anties from the mentors. The anties are usually stuck in a place of negativity "I, I, I, me, me, me" or they are passive agressive, love power, or are socially inept. The mentors are usually a combo of the me-we, usually aggressive, may/may not love power, but love a team environment and are no way socially inept.

So lesson learned. Although it pains me to say it. I've prolly learned more from the anti-mentor, because I know who I am as an employee and person and know who I don't want to be, ever.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tantric Tuesday or Gin and Tonic Tuesday to Come

I've been up since 3:38 a.m. That's right. 3:38 a.m. Now am I Kim Insley working for KARE 11? That would be a big fat negative. And to be fair, I am a morning person. But not a 3:38 in-the-morning-person.

But I've been productive. Showered. Quick walk. Put together my soundtrack for my interview that I am leaving for in approximately 4 minutes. Fingers crossed. Although there have been some part time projects on my horizon that look interesting.

I want to settle something. About 4 years ago my friend B, claimed that out of The Hives, The Shins, Jet and White Stripes that The Shins would be the most successful. I claimed The White Stripes. And with their new stellar album out this week, I think I win.

Sometimes a girl just likes being right.

So I've decided since I've already been up for five hours that I am going to be more aggressive at this interview. Who knows, it's worth a shot? I figure I will kinda know once I get there what direction I would want to go. That's why intuition and reading people are my favorite skills.

And why tantric Tuesdy? It begs the question -- why not?

Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm a Cover Girl (no not the make-up)

Cover Girl: noun. A female who enjoys songs already recorded, but re-recorded by another individual or band, usually better than the original.
i.e. Jimi Hendrix's "All along the Watchtower" is a song cover girl enjoys.

So let's rewind a bit. Cover songs. Truth is sometimes a cover song is so good or people are so not with it that they don't know the difference. But there are songs that when covered another person just owns them, such as Jimi Hendrix and Watchtower. Hell, even Dylan confesses that the song was meant for Jimi Hendrix.

Others to consider:
Spoon recovering Sam Cooke's Bring in on Home to Me
(which is a preview to tomorrow's entry. Promise.)

Pat McGee Band - Southern Cross

Radiohead - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Joe Cocker covering The Beatles - (I get by) With a Little Help from My Friends

Johnny Cash covering Personal Jesus, which is fantastic because I never have nor never will like Depeche Mode. Man I wish the band would snort it's last snort and disappear. "All I wanted, All I needed, was him in my arms. Words are very unnecessary," blah, blah, blah, hang yourselves ... or wait .... that was INXS, well follow michael hutchinson's lead would ya?

i'm sorry tiger lily. you can't help that your parents were REALLY messed up.

Jeff Buckley and Hallelujah

Note here that Me First and the Gimme Gimmes get a nod for becoming a 60s, 70s cover band that goes punk. Good stuff.

Ike and Tina Turner - Proud Mary. CCR just should relinquish the royalties, really, don't ya think?

The Replacments and Black Diamond

The Clash: I fought the Law (some don't even know that this is a cover, sad.)

But after All Along the Watchtower the top song for this cover girl is Aretha Franklin (Otis Redding) Respect. Sock it to me, Sock it to me, Sock it to me. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This, This is my Life

I'm on fire
And a wild American
I burn it out,
Prolly cause I can
And if I had a dollar for everything I should have said
I'd bust it out and prolly throw it away again

This, this is my life.
Across a northern sky.
It isn't much,
but at least it's mine.

Some get it all and don't even think to know to ask why.
I watched you pass away,
You didn't even say good-bye.
Now I'm replaying and relying on all the reasons why.
And hold onto these tears I'll never cry.

For this, this is my life.
Under a midnight sky.
It isn't much,
but at least it's mine.

Got a job, ended up in downtown.
Thought about some loved ones
and how easily I lost 'em.
I'd do it all again,
even as exhausted.
Some get breaks,
I've yet to get one.

I thought of you on nights I drank too much
If you thought of me, you never bothered to get in touch
Got lost in my mind,
and almost lost it.
Did you ever think you'd be unhappy to?
I thought if I'm not happy, maybe it's me and not you.

This, this my life.
Under a northern sky.
It isn't much,
but at least it's mine.

This, this is my life.
Under a summer sky.
It isn't much,
but at least it's mine.

I got another job
Doing thing I didn't know
Nights I'd go home and cry about it constantly
Everything slippin' away from me
Ending it all, talked about it openly
Wondering what was wrong with me.

Maybe I quit or got fired,
I don't know?
It just happened, this I know.
Added up my experiences and fears,
Took a plunge,
and here I go.

This, this is my life.
Under an evening sky.
It isn't much,
but at least it's mine.

I nearly lost a boy and friends,
Small-talk conversations, I couldn't stand.
I'm old enough to say "I remember when"

Living and learning and learning to let go,
Of parents and bosses and people who don't want me to grow.
I can stomache them.
I know you think you can tell me what to do.
But no one can stop me from what I write and who I write it to.

For this, this is my life.
Under a starry sky.
It isn't much,
but at least it's mine.

So far I think I've made a blueprint.
In 26 years maybe I'll have made an imprint.
But I'll continue to grow wiser because of it.
They're all steps and journeys I've had to take.
I've got no regrets and try not to repeat mistakes.
It's all a journey and not an end.
If I had to do it all, I'd do it all over again.

For this, this is my life.
Under a summer sky.
It isn't much,
but at least it's mine.
All mine.

Gone Fishin'

While I wipe away the sleepies from my eyes, as promised the final for the Bert game. He did drop two "you are here/there by circled." for the displaced Minnesota fans. That puts the tally at:

I don't know if I'll be at the bar to cover the Bert game for Mondays game, but will plan to try and keep the Bert game going every Sunday when I can watch hit from the friendly confines of SW MPLS. Til tomorrow, kiddies. So long from us here at WFTC 29.

Santana, Bert and the Big Hurt (if only Frank could play 3rd)

as a sit on sunday, boycotting PRIDE and relaxing in the friendly confines of my recliner i'm going to write and watch the rubber match of the twins v. marlins. but there is going to be a game involved, because outside of the workplace and relationships, i enjoy games. it's the bottom of the 2nd and i'm going to keep a running tab of how many times bert blyleven uses the following phrases:
  1. “major league level”

  2. “dropped the head of the bat,”

  3. “pitchers are the best athletes on the field"

  4. “only {x} days until my birthday”

  5. “you are there by circled”

12:36 pm -- one for #3 as santana gets a RBI and a stand-up triple.

i'm going to take a wager that #1 will be the most used phrase. granted i've missed the first inning and a half, but i'm coming in close to the beginnin as julie andrews would say "a very good place to start."

should johan be an all-star this season is the question? determining by wins, no. but by all other pitching stats, yes. will the twins have any players voted in, no. why? small-ball and small market. is morneau the most under-the-radar- M-V-P? yes. will he repeat? no. will johan or mauer repeat? no. hopefully they will get to the playoffs and win a series. damn AL Central is just going to beat up on itself. i'm waiting for the indians to start to choke, hasn't happened,yet. but just watch ... and wait.

yes the twins could use a new power RH bat and 3rd baseman. the big hurt, much like jim thome rocks the cashbox @ dumpy dome. and the big hurt kills twins pitching. last year's postseason series, i think he was batting close to .500

Error. Error. on L-rod. WTF? And Kim just stopped on the base path. Huh? I thought there was a suicide squeeze on. Who's the baby for the Marlins on 3rd?

12:43 -- brett carroll prompts bert to drop a "major-league level" phrase. chalk one up for #1

wicked change-up. thank you, johan.

1:07 -- discussing kim and is awful post-season as a diamondback. but that he now as 46 wins at the "major league level." that's 2 for #1

1:05 -- rick rodin, great athlete. this is a 1/2 point. since rodin was a pitcher and part of the phrase was used. yea, i'm callin' my own shots in my game here.

score so far. 2-0-1.5-0-0. it's only mid 4th still.

payback error and punto gets hit in the back by boone's throw. and santata is 2-for-2. wow.

i'm getting sleepy. will resume the game from piece of paper and post later.