Thursday, September 20, 2007

100 Posts on the Day I'm Moving

so i am an infrequent writer. and i've decided to keep speechless "directionless". i think i'm succeeding in those two goals.

i am moving. i can't stand it. it has to be one of those things that aren't so bad, but you make them worse because you are a lazy person and you can't stand all the crap that has to go into moving. because if i am going to do something, i usually don't half-ass it. (this blog being the exception.)

during my break and while listening to my new fave song "1234" it occurred to me i should jump online. bill simmons. randball. quick stroll thru city pages and then to here. sad, i haven't even checked my email. but then again, wwwhhaaatever.

100 Posts on the day I'm moving. It sums up my life. Something I enjoy, writing with something I dislike, moving. I suppose if keeps my life balance in check. Have you ever paid attention to the life balance? Call me a kook, fine, but seriously when someone you know dies within a month someone you know will become pregnant, have a baby or consider adopting something. It doens't fail. That whole Lion King Circle of Life thing, it's in effect.

In effect. Makes me think of Wrecks 'N' Effect (sp check that group name,
I'm too tired to Google) ......"all I want to do is a zoom, zoom, zoom and a boom, boom ...just shake your rump."

A many a 6th grade Spring Breaks watching MTV Spring Break while there are in Florida and being too young to get all the "getting laid" references, but thinking I was a girl in a shallow pool just dancing away in the daylight.

Really, not much as changed. Except I've been without cable the last five years or so, and instead I youtube bands and dance around to videos on the internet.

So 100 posts isn't anything to brag about. Anybody can write anything these days. But I did begin Speechless in Minneapolis in May on the recommendation of my former baby boomer coworker, who is a lover of all things BLOG. so here i write in my Minnesota pants (grey with Minnesota and a Gopher on the butt) and my fave "I heart NY it's the Yankees I hate" t-shirt.

Typing only because I am a procrastinator and don't want to move. Even 100 posts or 100 years from now I will still be that procrastinator girl who loves to shoot the shit and wishes that we could wear sleep pants and hoodies to work. Someday. A girl can always dream and hope.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Crush on Brent Burns

This will be a very girly-girly entry. You've been warned.

To those few reading, I want to begin with I love hockey. Always have, always will. It is hands down my favorite sport. And I will always argue that a hockey game is the best to go to over the other sports. Not as exciting to watch from the friendly confines of one's couch, but in person along the glass at the rink, there is no better place to be if you are a sports fan. And in order my favorite types of hockey.
3. NHL
1. Minnesota high school hockey


I have had a crush on Brent Burns since The Wild drafted the then 18 year-old in 2003. I don't know if it's the long hair or the nonstop permasmile. I just thought he was cute, in the sense of "which actress would you rather have Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?". So I'm not a stalker or a hockey groupie or a crazy fan. I just like to joke around that I am "MrsBurns". So I was giddy on Sunday when I grab the Strib and there is a feature on Burnzie.


Now I always have been under the impression that the kid enjoys hockey, but is well-versed in other aspects of life. Don't like the goofy grin fool you. The kid is sharp. Maybe I identify with him in some ways, because in professional setting I send to be the one with the quick comments, and I've learned that upper management types with put me in a box with these comments and forgot about the other things I bring to the table. But that is besides the point. I walk a very fine Johnny Cash line between professional me and personal me. Trust me, there ain't too much difference. You get what you see with me and I wouldn't have it any other way, although I would try to cut back on the tangents, like this one that I am currently on.

So I identify with what perception I have of Burnzie and as a female I think he is cute. So to learn all the other personal things about him in the Strib feature, icing on the cake. It's like saying you will know who the SuperBowl winner will be in five years and then being correct. (True story: I predicted the Steelers SuperBowl victory a season before. Crazy, huh? If only I was a gambling kinda girl)

And I like that he has a girlfriend. I'm happily with someone, Burns should be too. And then the huskies. Melt my heart. We had one in college and now she is no longer with us. Still alive, just not with us who helped raise her.

So where does that leave me? Feeling totally satisfied in my crush. If he lives up to the potential, I will feel like Terry Ryan when he is scouting 15 year old Venezuelan kids. Seriously, there could be tingles. But until then, I'll keep my MrsBurns jersey on for Wild games, continue to brag about my crush Mrs. Robinson style and cheer like crazy when he drops the gloves.

Hey it's all part of the package when you grew up on the Iron Range.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well, Well, Well, You Never Can Tell

what a week with bring?

personally, my life is going great. good job. good relationships. good health. all around good times.

when it comes to my interests of sports, music, books and news cycles, this was quite the week.

so i can't comment on the details. i've been too busy. with my own job, attending AFSCME things, moving, events, volunteering and having somewhat of "personal time" i've been engulfed and have had blinders on my peripheral vision to notice, as i call them, the strange things that happen to me.

stupid CJ taking shots at jason derusha and ben tracy. both people i have worked with professionally. i wonder if we could have a pay-to-stone CJ contest? seriously, she is terrible. only in america could someone be a gossip columnist for a living. whatta swarmy job. but i suppose it's nothing different than church gossip.

which is why i am agnostic.

it was good to go to an AFSCME fundraiser last night. growing up in a union household i had to go, to represent the people who helped and stood in solidarity when my parents were on strike. union-busting is all the rage in corporate america, what is sad is that usually the working people are just trying to stay level to support their families. far too long, america has stood on the backs of the people who make this country what it is. and corporate america will continue to do so as along as people don't think for themselves and don't fight. i am fortunate that i am in a job where i can take care of myself and factors in a cost of living. but too many of are brothers and sisters don't.

the goal is to shrink the gap between rich and poor instead of widing it.

best thing of this morning (outside of the fact i think i could continue to be 11-5 in RBall) is Brent Burns on the front page of Strib. yes i admit i have a crush on Burnszie, however i think he is a goofball, and i like that he has a lot of interest and his passion, and the long hair and permasmile help, but i also respect that he has a girlfriend. so i'm not one of those crasy hockey groupie girls, just a girl who'd want to go on a double date with Burns and his lady.

am i fucked up or progressive or neither? i'm guessing it's the latter.