Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hold On Today for Hold Steady Tonight

I scream! Whoever said something along the lines of "making a living is not to be confused with making a life," well that statement has been rininging true a lot lately. Sure work has been 60+ hours the last month or so. And soon it's on the "agenda" for me to lead a meeting about our internal communication process. Quite frankly, I am going to bring in a third-party source to contact this. It's the stategist in me. But even though there has been lots of pressure, stress and unreasonable deadlines. And even though I still have five boxes placed in my living room still waiting to be put away. And today is the beginning of NaNoWriMo, something I've wanted to participate in the last two years but haven't had the time. Today will be a great day.

Today will be great even though I will be missing a Wild game that I could watch from the friendly confines of my own sofa. I will also be missing Grey's Anatomy (which BTW at the cliff hanger of last year, there were three climbers brought in and another who was supposedly "dead". What happened to this story line? It has yet to be discussed. Writers of the show, please explain? And don't give us viewers the excuse of the turmoil following Dr. Burke's exit from the show.) Back to the rant, I'll be missing Grey's, which is ok. Plus mid season three and most of season four as been a let down. All of the crap of compiled daily living adds up to being at tonight's HOLD STEADY show, 10 rows back and being there for FREE!

It's days like the last several weeks that make me appreciate the band, not just Finn, more. Label it what you'd like, but I'm a sucker for Hold Steady. And the fact I get to see them tonight on the wake of six-weeks of intense stress, will be nothing short of FANTASTIC! Even if they don't play certain faves of mine, and even if I get the obnoxious 6'5 bald man in front of me who won't put his arms down the entire show, that will not bother me. It's about the music.

And because I am me, and have a pop culture reference for nearly anything, I will be singing to myself the obnoxious Wilson Philips song "hold on for one more day" as the countdown to Hold Steady takes place.

12 hours and counting .......

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great inventions

I know I take the world I live in for granted. I think most of us do. I have been involved in making a new Web site for work. I am not a programmer. I am not a designer. I am a marketer and a PR bitch, that is how I self-identify.

But this morning I found myself thinking about inventions that I take for granted everyday. Sure Edison gets credited for the light bulb. And Al Gore thinks he created the Internet, but what are inventions that people can't live without?

I'm a fan of ATM machines and subways or other underground traffic ....

List your in all varieties.