Friday, August 24, 2007

State Fair = Autumn Right Around the Corner!

Yes the "great Minnesota get together" has started. Whop-A-Dee-Doo and an enthusiastic finger rotation is my response. Don't get me wrong the Fair is great for some. Food on a stick, making fun of people, really making fun of people and taking a nod of self appreciation that you aren't like some of the freaks that come out for the Fair. Seriously between mullet sightings and camel toes you can't go wrong.

But here's why I like the Fair. It means autumn (BEST SEASON EVER) is right around the corner. The light changes, the leaves, the smells, GREAT food (cider, apple crisp, the end of grilling which always tastes really good for some reason).

So without anything occurring in my life, I was already jazzed because with the beginning of Fair is the end of summer and the start of my favorite Minnesota season. And then just got better.
Three of my TOP TEN current bands are coming to Minnesota this fall.

PMB at Fine Line in October, SK6ERS at Varsity and Hold Steady in November. I already got a free ticket to Hold Steady, how sweet is that? And The Format come to town next weekend. Everyone else may be stoked for "the great get together" I'm excited for the bands coming to town. Now if only the Twins could make it as a wildcard........

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Marbury defends Vick, calls dogfighting a sport"

According to what Marbury hears "dogfighting is a sports. It's just behind closed doors." Are you kidding me, Stephon?

A sport where you kill your dog if it doesn't win, is not a sport. It is cruel and unusual punishment. Even boxing doesn't train you to kill your opponent or be killed. And trying to compare dogfighting to deer hunting -- are these people eating doggie venacin? (sp check). I sure hope not. And I'm not even taking the puppy lover approach to Marbury's comments. I just think he is an idiot, but I guess I thought that a decade ago when he broke my bandwagon NBA heart and decided to play closer to home. Well guess what Stephon, your bags are ready for the Italy basketball, personally and professionally.

Maybe Marbury does have a case for athletes being built up and then being torn down. But the Vicks, yes Vicks, both Michael and Marcus are sadly full of potential that goes to waste because of bad decisions. Look no further than the recent death of Eddie Griffin as an example. So to Marbury's first quote, he's a effing idiot, by maybe, just maybe he deserves some cred for the second argument. While I'm a big sports nut, always have been and always will be, there is something to be said about when athletes make stupid choices that ruin their careers and I'm guessing prolly their passion or biggest love. But then again, what do I know, I'm just a fan.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Frusterating Twins (and others)

So reading the morning Strib sports section. Typical beginning to my work day. And there is a quote from byline from Nick Punto: "Punto says it's time to play better." Now I'm not going to kick a man when he is town unless he deserves it, but seriously that is the byline. That's like President Bush saying, "The bridge collapse is a tragedy."

Duh, no sh%t and where to you (Bush and Punto) in their respective cases get off saying such a statement. I'll give Punto a reason he might haved been the only Twins player left after the two crushing back-to-back blows by the Mariners. But the President, I plead the Fifth.

These shirts are fantastic and I wish I had thought of them. Moving on.
My grandmother is 75 and grew up on the Iron Range. Yesterday she left me a message, no joke on this that said the following:

"Hi (my full name) this is your grandma. I wanted you to know that a lady in the building died today. So I took her ironing board, because I hear you only have one. Her iron which hasn't been used in six months. Some dish towels, pots and pans, and a real good one for stir fry. There are some other things, but just wanted to let you know."

Yep, that is part of my gene pool. I picture my grandma to be walking around her senior living complex like a vulture, scoping out the next prey, circling in on it and then cleaning house, wiping the deceased person out of essential housing items. Please note that I never wanted to asked for anything. In fact I told her don't buy me anything until I move in October. And to grandma's credit she hasn't bought me anything, she's just waiting for the next death in her building.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Full Geek Glory (RBFFL)

For the few who actually know my full name, consider yourselves lucky. And continue to keep it on the hush. I don't know why I am so compelled to blog in secrecy. Maybe it's the business I am in. That I am in front of a microphone a majority of the time and I don't want my personal thoughts/experiences to become part of my professional life.

Or I could really dig writing anonymously? Who's to say.

But for those of you who know me, you know I am a sports nut, opinionated and witty. Which is why the chance to be part of the Randball Fantasty Football Leauge was hard to turn down? I thought it would be a great chance to meet these folks who make me LOL on a daily basis, plus the location is the Chatterbox in St. Paul which is one of my fave spots. But alas four things occurred.
1. I have turned down every offer to play in Fantasty Football this year, so why start with a people I don't even know? That would not sit over well with my non-blogging-real-life-friends
2. I like how things are, I don't know if I want a face to these individuals, plus it is prolly a competition of extroverts and who can be the funniest and i'm guessing everyone is somewhat to ultra-competative
3. I would like to be on the sidelines and officially be a person of unbiased opinion. Kinda like a ref, but without the whole mafia thing or point shaving
4. Am I that much of a geek? Not quite. And I'm hanging onto that title for as long as possible. JK. I think RBFFL is fantastic and would be a lot of fun, I just am weighing my professional options and it's prolly not the best idea. Damn myself for being a PR bitch.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Superbad is Supergood

Get to see Superbad. That's all I'm saying. If you are between the ages of 15 - 40 it should be required. Kinda like a thumb print or your dental records. Get to know McLovin. Seriously.

I could go on and on, but you're smart people out there. Decide for yourself. Otherwise it's just another Manic Monday. (I wish I could have that song by some group "Tell me why, I don't like Mondays/Tell me why ......Cause you can see no reason/Why there are no reasons/To like Mondays.) If anyone can find me that song or name the band, there's a prize...that I'm not yet disclosing.