Saturday, June 23, 2007

What's your PPM?

Let's get it started by saying PPM = Personal Pissy Meter. Depending on mood, co-workers, occurrences in life, your PPM will vary. Some days its low and nothing can piss you off and some days its quite high and well, those days, they are poop stain days.

PPMs can happen whenever, for whatever reason. Driving. Riding the bus. A comment. The way the sun is glaring at you. I like to think that maybe as I'm growing older my PPM is decreasing. But such days aren't the case. For example.

I walked into my old place of employment. My former quad is now replaced with the Blonde Squad. It was nauseating just to overhear it. Not one ounce of wit or cleverness. Which makes me glad that I bailed. But really the overheard conversation is so blah that it's not worth repeating. Then I realized the boring factor was tapping into my PPM. Had to leave the 3rd floor and walk on down to 2nd floor.

And second floor I was greeted by former co-worker who is known for having a high PPM. She's fantastic. She doesn't say much, but once she lets you in ...friend for life. And the comments towards the organization and just her insights, hilarious. And it's not that I need to hear just negative things about the former employer. That's not true at all. But when you as a 100+ person organization are collectively moving the dial forward and then you get stuck treading in mediocrity, what's up with that? Sure others come, others are replaced. But how can you keep making progress or moving forward, when there is a constant revolving door?

It was also hilarious and good for my PPM to be lowered listening to people that don't think they are treading, that they in fact are making progress to in his own words, "change the world."

Really? How can only an organization with a small county radius -- all things considered when changing the world -- be an effective leader of change in the world. Ok buddy, you keep drinking the kool-aid and I'll see you in 20 years when we all meet back at the middle. Because that's what happens. Or at leas that is what my intuition tells me. You start off in a blob, just like seven-year-olds playing soccer. Like an amoeba. Then you reach 18 and start to take off in different tangents and directions. And then about the time you're say, 50, your life experiences put you back in the middle. Your ideologies might be different but your experiences are similar. Kids finishing school, parents heading to nursing homes, getting AARP magazines in the mail, etc. etc.

But until then, I am going to refrain from the Kool-Aid and work on making my PPM low, or at least lower. Girl's gotta start somewhere.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursdays Thoughts

Nothing happening but usual in these parts, which is a longer way of saying nothing is new. This morning I have been listening to CDs that I haven't listened to in awhile. Plenty of old school rap, which is interesting. Some Jayhawks, Jodeci and Norah Jones. As you can see I was in the J-section of the collection.

I suppose I prolly should be getting more nervous about still working from home three months later, but I'm not. Maybe I'm to laissez fare about it, but it's the French in me.

Any thoughts on Sammy Sosa hitting #600? Some. I find it funny that is was against the Cubs, a team he loved and was beloved by. And considering he hit 545 with the organization. But yet how is Sammy Sosa in the same club as Ruth, Mays and Aaron. I know why he's in the same club as Bonds -- roids use -- but the other three. Him and Bonds don't deserve to be with those class acts. Although The Babe is borderline class act, he is still a legend in baseball and will always be.

I've found this new site to be entertaining. There is a portion that allows for sports debates and for others to pick sides of the debate. I haven't thought of a topic worthy enough, but when I do it will be posted. I'm just waiting for the perfect, um, better timing.

My guilty please "Age of Love" I watched in on the computer yesterday. Ha! Oh it's so bad, that it's good. And one of the kittens and I nearly share an exact birthday, just one day off. So I might root for her for the kitten portion, but I'm mostly in it for the Cougs. How will they ever be able to repeat the show now that people know the premise? Second question, how many of the Cougs have had some sort of plastic surgery? For sure Jennifer and Angie. And get this, apparently on WE, which I am without, they had a show dedicated to Cougars. Oh that's great. Props to SL for first introducing me to the phrase and the concept. I like to think I'm a cougar in training.

Hoping the Twins can keep their momentum going in F-L-A. Who knows though?

Also hoping that two-way D from Cretin D-Hall will drop all the way to #19 for the Wild. Though it doesn't look like it. But a girl can hope, eh?

A friend told me he ghosted in a shopping cart over the weekend. This is a near 30 year old. WTF? It made me LOL, but how can you ghost in a shopping cart? Stand up in it and stick a leg out the side? Or an arm? But that's no fun. I can understand the ghosting in a car, but a shopping cart?? I suppose when you have your reunion of sorts and it's in a farm town, what else can one do?

Learned two friends and I share a C-Connection. We are all bitter in our own ways. And are all resolving it in our own ways. But it doesn't make it easier or hurt less. But it's comforting to know they also have C-stories. In the sake of anonymity the C-ness will not be revealed.

What's on tap for the rest of the day? Research for an interview, Read and Relax. It's a rough life, I know.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Life is Good. Now if I Could Only Get Paid.

so i applied for a position with a city, which i will not reveal. got the whole official reject letter in the spring. no contact with anyone. then today at 4:00 p.m. a call from the HR lady. huh?

there are perks to the position since it is a government job. i think i would roll around in the health care benefit book for days. jk. but starting off salary, for someone with just a BA, and full of BS with four years experience, are you kidding me?

i have yet to live when i wasn't living paycheck-to-paycheck. it's a sad existence? but it builds bones of character and substance, or substance abuse. ha! truth be told, i figure these years of post-college suffering will eventually pay off. i just wish that eventually would occur sometime in july. because the checking account is dwindling. prostitution is just a shot away, or in my neighborhood, just a ring around the corner.

Blyleven's Mouth Leaves Him Shorn (I approve)

I don't have cable. which i am ok with. but when it comes twinkie time, i'm at the bar on more of a regular basis watching the Twins. So last night I was perplexed when they kept showing pictures of bald men or those with shaved heads. Since there is no volume at the Bulldog, I had no idea of the bet Bert made with Johan about the complete game/shaved head thing. Boy was I happy (all smiles) to turn on the radio and have John Gordon inform me of such news. Then I thought to myself what other things could be done to Bert when he crosses the line.

For example -- everytime he says the phrase "major league level" more than three times in a game, there should be some sort of punishment.

The list could go on for punishment phrases. I wish the organization would just shit can his ass, but I don't see that happening before his birthday. Only 300 more days until that. He was a decent pitcher, not worthy of HOF, and he's an awful color man for TV. And his voice and himself stinks for radio. I rest my case. Other fans can disagree. Sometimes I miss Batgirl.

I digress.

So the other thing (BC I open you are appreciating the capitalization of things so far :) I woke up this morning to The Current. The only good thing on the radio these days. And the morning crew were discussing "The Long and Winding Road" and how Paul knew The Beatles were going to break up. Which immediately popped into my head -- bands I wish I could have seen at some point in my life. I rattled off 15 or so, the list to come. Again in no order, but I'm not an orderly kind of girl. I am what I am, it is what it is, so SHOVE, I'm sassy this morning.

The Beatles circa post 1967. When they start to get weird, but before the inevitable break-up and the John and Yoko years. She's on my list of folks like Bert. Boo-urns.

Guns N Roses: In context. About 1987, when Appetite for Destruction is on the rise, much like the band, but Axl doesn't know it yet, so he still shows up for shows but without the ego

The Clash:
This would have to be in the U.K. and during The Clash record. It's the punk in me? What can I say?

Beastie Boys/Rage Against the Machine: When the toured together in the round. Before Rage broke up and then got back together. It's after Sabatoge and pre-Tibetian Beasties. The energy would be insane. If you could bottle their "round energy" and hold onto it, i'm guess there is enough life to give you an extra few years in the world.

Hole/Nirvana: I'm not sure if they ever toured together, but that's what I would want to see. Hole opening for Nirvana and then encoures by each band to feature members of the other band. Live Through This - is still on my TOP 20 for all-time fave albums. But that's a list for another day.

Anything at the CBGB from 1978-1981:
Blondie. The Ramones. Sex Pistols. Snorting coke on toilet seats and getting laid over bathroom sinks, what's not to love? I have been to the CBGB before it was destroyed. For me, it didn't live up to the hype. It's a shithole, but not a cool one. I was disappointed. Still am.

Traveling Wilburys:
How do these guys sneak in there? It's a fair question. I like most of them as single artists --- Orbison, George, Tom Petty, Dylan,etc. Plus I feel it would be one of those shows were you are watching them jam for a few hours and get the pleasure of being able to hear their inside jokes.

There are a lot of underground bands that I would have liked to have seen or see. But that's for another day. Cheers people!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TOP TEN a decade ago to today

i want for all eternity to put on the record i am not a pack rat. i can't stand shit. there are few things i save. photos, music (tapes, cds, records, sheet music) and journals. so upon my amazement i found one from 1997. i was dating a tool, to no surprise, but yet kind of cool. here were my top ten fave songs in '97 and my best of today.

THEN: (in no particular order)
Me and My Bobby McGee: Janis Joplin
Loved her as a teen. Did several HS papers on her. Good shit

Misty Mountain Hop: Led Zepplin
I never got into Zep until college and I detested them in HS with all kids were Zoso shirts and such. But I had a fascination with Misty Mountain Hop. Maybe it's the whole "don't care, don't really care which way the winds blow" vibe.

All Apologies: Nirvana
Of course it is one of the best things to come out of MTV Unplugged. Enough said.

The Dance: Garth Brooks
Sentimental reasons. What was I thinking? But I suppose there are worse songs

Levon: Elton John
Oh the night notes. And the disappointment when I shelled out some good cash to see Elton only to find out he can't hit the high notes and sings it an octave lower. Let's just say it ruins the song. Freakin' Elton John.

Walk this Way: Run DMC and Aerosmith
I thought this was so cool, even release in the late 80s amongst the hair metal bands and teeny bopper mallrats. Unfortunately this tune created the likes of Fred Durst and Linkin Park, but still great collaboration.

Porch: Pearl Jam
On one of the better albums of the last twenty years, Porch will always remain my fave PJ song.

My Way: Frank Sinatra
Reminds me of grandparents. Although none of them are East Coasters or Italian they sure loved good old blue eyes

Hey Jude: The Beatles
It's the ending. "Na-Na-na-na-NA-NA" and the repeat of the ending

Try a Little Tenderness: Otis Redding
Secret confession here. This song is in Pretty in Pink, a movie along with Dirty Dancing, I've watched too many times to count, especially from the ages of 7 - 14. So when I stumbled upon an Otis Redding tape in 4th grade it never got taped over. You know the drink, but scotch tape over the wholes on a tape and PRESTO! new tape to record Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40. I lament that I ever listened to Rick Dees. But what's a child to do in northern MN?

So now to the present
Fake Plastic Trees: Radiohead
It might be one of the few songs I can listen to on repeat for more than an hour. It's that good.

In My Life: The Beatles
Stuck between Norwegian Wood and Love Me Do, is this gem. Lyrically relevant 50 years ago and 550 years from now.

Me and My Bobby McGee: Janis Joplin
Remains for personal reasons.

Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley
His version is substancially better than Leonard's. It's eerie good. Goose bumps just now.

Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan
Where to begin? The Minnesota legend is incredible. This and Tangled Up in Blue are my faves

Southern Cross: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
I don't know if Neil is a part of this one or not, but I don't care. Another song I could listen to on repeat for hours on end. I think I relate to the "woman-girl" sentiments and I think if most women look into themselves they can find their inner "woman-girl."

Pictures of You
/Just Like Heaven: The Cure
Yes I know they are two different songs. But I couldn't decide. Pictures of You loses some points for being in HP ads, but they were kinda cool ads. And "Just Like Heaven" with the beginning the most will start singing to a tad early, the "show me, show me, show me, show me how you do that trick?" makes me want to get up and start moderatley skanking. ska dancing that is. sidenote: how many people have ripped off robert smith of the cure? ridiculous.

Gimme Shelter: Rolling Stone
I moderatley like the group. But they have some great blues rock songs and this one tops my list. The background chick singing is awesome. Astonishing and awesome. Good combo.

Porch: Pearl Jam
The second repeat from ten years ago. It begs the question: "what the fuck is this world?"

(Sittin on the) Dock of the Bay: Otis Redding
Now I still am a huge fan of my previous Otis selection. But having grown up on or around lakes, this is the song I think of on the summer when it's dusking and my feet are swishing in the water off of a dock -- any dock -- calhoun, medicine lake, superior, detroit lakes.

So that's in my top ten of ten years ago and today. I'm going to wager that in ten years from now some will remain and some will change. At the present I'm loving this song called "Inches and Falling." It's catchy and upbeat and could make in on my list in ten years. Like my list matters, but all things are relative, relatively speaking :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Kittens vs. Cougars. MEOW!

so i've summoned the strengths to write. hallelujah. although due to meeting up with friends i am going to miss the opener of "Age of Love."

yes some will never watch it. find it disturbing, tasteless, a waste of time. i however am in none of those categories. let the record state i have been a fan of Mark Philippoussis since the Aussie first came onto the scene. after patrick rafter he's my next fave Aussie tennis player. eat that, lleyton hewitt, who should never have ended things with kim cjlisters. but again that is just my editorial opinion.

why i think this show has potential to be brilliant. three words:

Kittens versus Cougars

that's right. 40-year olds duking in out with 20-year olds. being a female in my 20s, i relate more to the cougars. because at the later stages of 20 realm i'm confident in who i am, what i want and don't feel the need to impress or put up with shit. usually they show 20-year-old women has complete morons with fake skin, fake boobs and fake intellect. i'm sorry i don't look like leather yet, my boobs are real and the itellect is well in tact. so i can't wait to catch the repeat. and i'm hoping feverishly that there is going to be tennis commentary throughout the show. such as the following scenario:

he's on a date with a woman, puts his arm around her (a winner down the baseline) she says he's great (a lob that is returned when he says) "no i think you are the cat's meow." (another cross-court winner.) if the producers haven't thought of the commentary, they should steal it. the show premiers tonight at 8:00 pm on NBC at love-love.

It's just another lazy Monday

i'm still reeling from the runner-up-ness. ok so i'm not. but it's back to searching and waiting to hear back from the u. and patience, while sung wonderfully by axel rose an g'n'r, is something i don't have. "so i was walking the streets at night, just trying to get it right. it's hard to see, with so many around. you know i don't like being stuck in the crowd. but the streets don't change, just maybe the names. i ain't got time for the game, cause i need you, yeah, yeah, yea i need you ..."

it makes me smile that i can just rattle off g'n'r lyrics like that. instead i will presume to go back to my elliott smith ways and "everything means nothing to me." truth be told, i'm feeling lazy and don't really have much to say. so i'm going to enjoy a perk of working from home and make today a movie day. almost famous, slap shot, high fidelity and maybe if i have time i will re-watch the last king of scotland before i have to send it back to netflicks. so in tribue to my laziness and the fact that i am a writer i'll give you parting words from scott adams and dilbert. i miss having co-workers so the dilberts could be more pertinent. i'm a mean human being.

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams on Writing

I went from being a bad writer to a good writer after taking a one-day course in “business writing.” I couldn’t believe how simple it was. I’ll tell you the main tricks here so you don’t have to waste a day in class.

Business writing is about clarity and persuasion. The main technique is keeping things simple. Simple writing is persuasive. A good argument in five sentences will sway more people than a brilliant argument in a hundred sentences. Don’t fight it.

Simple means getting rid of extra words. Don’t write, “He was very happy” when you can write “He was happy.” You think the word “very” adds something. It doesn’t. Prune your sentences.

Humor writing is a lot like business writing. It needs to be simple. The main difference is in the choice of words. For humor, don’t say “drink” when you can say “swill.”

Your first sentence needs to grab the reader. Go back and read my first sentence to this post. I rewrote it a dozen times. It makes you curious. That’s the key.

Write short sentences. Avoid putting multiple thoughts in one sentence. Readers aren’t as smart as you’d think. ( editor comment: i totally agree with that statement.)

Learn how brains organize ideas. Readers comprehend “the boy hit the ball” quicker than “the ball was hit by the boy.” Both sentences mean the same, but it’s easier to imagine the object (the boy) before the action (the hitting). All brains work that way. (Notice I didn’t say, “That is the way all brains work”?)

That’s it. You just learned 80% of the rules of good writing. You’re welcome.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Always a Bridesmaid, Always the Runner-Up

well if we were playing a game-show and the question was how many times can a person be a runner-up candidate consecutively before getting a job? i'm for certain i would be a TOP FIVE response. just got the nod from the small, podcasting group that i was the runner-up. words quoted: "you're a good writer and have the background that most PR firms desire."

those are "nice" (blah to that word) words but does that land me with a job with healthcare? no. am i still working from home? yes. the only thing i got going from me is this position with the U. fingers crossed, i'm almost considering rosary beads. yes, my agnositc self is considering such a passe move. but i also consider wreaskin havon in the world on a daily basis and yet i don't.

so what's the score now for jobs and me? runner-up 7, jobs landed 2. lame, lame, lame. almost like the twins losing a series to the brewers. oh wait.

damn the runner-up-ness.