Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Cold and Lonely as the only "Marketeer"

I work in marketing. I am the marketing department. A department of one. And on most days I enjoy all aspects of the gig. I am a born multi-tasker and thrive on being able to turn my brain on a dime. From creative big ideas to the hard work it takes to implement them. I HEART being able to do both. Because I knew early on that a routine job where I did the same thing everyday, well, while stability is nice, that kind of routine would kill my spirit.

But I gotta admit it's kinda lonely being the only marketing person in the organization. Because with marketing everyone thinks they know how to do it. They think it's a simple as taste and if something "looks good." Silly bastards.

I'm just wishing I more folks who had big picture AND the ability to make it happen. Unfortunately those at the top get caught up in the details of things. Friggin' frusterating.

I realize I am getting lame and venting. But sometimes one juts need to get it out in order to get through the day.