Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How you know your iPod loves you

have you ever noticed the love an iPod will give you? sure, they can be frustrating at times. when they freeze or suck up battery like a motha. but i tell you if you take the time to notice, your iPod loves you. call me crazy. but at least here the theory.

it happens when you hit "shuffle songs" and usually more times than not, it's like your iPod knows the mood you are in. and so the selection of back-to-back random songs seems like a great, random playlist.

i know there are other factors. the sentiments that come with certain songs. what they remind you of, snapshots of your life or the meaning the song has to you. but i know this isn't a scientific experiment and it's not something that can be quantified and sold to the masses, but i really your iPod can be in tune with you.

and i wasn't even trying to be end on a pun.

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