Monday, May 21, 2007

Karma Works in Beautiful Ways

have you ever been fucked over? it sucks. especially when it's the blind sided type that you don't see or feel coming at all. i was fucked over at my last job. got tattled on for something that could swing either way (for or against me). and the worst part was finding out that i was ratted on. and because somebody didn't care for me. lame. not professional at all. borderline pathetic and very william shakespeare like. i think shakesperian themes are similar to the seven deadly sins. jealously. love. anger. desire. control. passion. power. those are basically the themes that run from much ado about nothing to hamlet. (sidenote i used to date a boy that would read only shakespeare in the summer. now is a psychiatrist or a mental health intake provider somewhere in indiana. and i often wonder did the shakespeare drive him to want to know the inner workings of our minds? yea back to the tangents ....)

being fucked, not a good feeling. so when you have the opportunity to get some revenge, as much as i tried to be the bigger person, the smaller person in me won out and said "you have the opportunity to fuck her over and she won't see it coming." brilliant, really. and anonymous. the best kind of revenge. hey, i'm not iago
by any means. but it did feel slightly vindicating. karma is round, what goes around comes around.

and yet, i did feel weird about reporting it a few months later. like i was going to get incident bystanders caught in the crossfire (which brings me to tucker carlson and his ridiculous self, can't stand him or his bowties. fucking ridiculous.) this should remain an issue between me and her, and it should have never been an issue to begin with, except she narced and wanted me out, a complete surprise to me. so here i write, a bit smug and bit bitter, but hoping it will work out in the end .... leaving my devices to karma and what will be will be.

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