Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where You Lead I Will Follow. Gilmore Girls Finale

All recorded on 15 May 2007

6:30 pm 30 minutes to go. I have a feeling I might be disappointed. I am trying not to be pessimistic. Twins are getting rocked by the Indians 6-2 in the first. Brutal. Almost as brutal as Jason Kubel.

6:37: Amy Sherman-Palladino (A-SP) looks like Linda Perry i her 4 non blondes phase. which now I have their one hit wonder in my head ("Twenty-five years and my life is still, Trying to get that great big liter of hope and for inspriation ....")

6:55: Five minutes to go. In a bit of denial that I'm not watching it with my BFF DZ. We had Tuesday night rituals (although she doesn't like the term rituals) throughout college. Her, I, Rory and Lorelai. No boys. No booze. Just us laughing and gasping at theh "ohmiGod" moments.

7:00: And now here it goes. The finale. The "La-la-la-LAAA-la" song @ the Dragonfly. Chrisitna Amanpour.

Rory's idol and who she would like to become. Nice.

7:04: Final theme song. Like Carole King songs, but not so much Carole King's voice.

7:08: Logan and the rocket. Never liked Logan. Never disliked him either. Did like his last name Huntzberger. Liked Jess the most. I want Jess. Jess Mariano. Steal him from Heroes their season finale is over. And they get to come on next season unlike The Girls. And while you are at it get him and Alexis B (Rory) back together in real life. I'm wishing for a Jess cameo right now, although the odds of this happening are one in a million. (So you're saying there's a chance.) Graduation re-enactment party. This is either a GREAT IDEA or sheer awful. Maybe I will have my boy do a re-enactment, since he graduates this Sunday from law school.

7:11: Never been a fan of Liz Danes except for the episode when her and TJ reference Minnesota Ren Fest. I'm not a fan of Ren Fest. I just liked the shout out to Minne.

7:15: Rory Gilmore gets a job 2 days out of Yale and I'm 4 years out of college and freelancing. WTF?!?!!! And she gets to be on the campaign trail for Barack Obama. Just proving that Ivy Leagues school are all in it for the name branding. BTW complete sidenote - I've always appreciated that they spelled Gilmore G-i-l-m-o-r-e instead of like the former Maple leaves player Doug Gilmour. He crushed by '93 season. Just like Norm Green crushed '92 - '00 for me. Fuck Norm Green.

7:22: Sum a cum Luke. Nice line.

7:23: They show Luke tearing up ---- he would never do that. WTF II?!?!!!

7:25: Postcard sending IS a dying art. I'm sending one radomly to Nome, Alaska or whatever that town was named in Northern Exposure . I loved the episode where the town was sent a box and they weren't sure what to do with it. And the whole town debated whether to open it or not. See if that where to happen in today's America the terrorist alert would be at orange.

7:27: Town hall meeting w/out the Robert Rules. Oh, Taylor and his town rules. Maybe when I watch my Gilmore Girls marathon I will jot down all of Taylor's rules. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.

7:30: 36 hours is plenty of time to plan a party. Isn't that how long Sting and his wife Trudie Styler make love?

7:31: Dave Rygalski -- how I will always fondly recall Adam Brody and his pre - THE OC days.

7:34: Rory talking with her BFF Lane and how she's nervous about if she doesn't succeed. Sese this is why they (Amy SP and her hubby Dan) should have sucked it up and came back to write and direct the final 13 episodes. They could make Rory go off the deep end. Kinda like Juliette Lewis in Melissa Ethridge's "Come to My Window" video.

To see Rory succumb to mental disorders -- panic attacks, depression, anxiety. Those three really are the post-college combo. It would be like Rory Gilmore's My So Called Life
years and Jess could come back as Jordan Catalano.

7:44: Sixteen minutes left. The reality of it ending is becoming real. Don't cry Lorelai. Damn it, Lorelai, DON'T CRY. DZ would be tearing up now. Ok Luke call Jess to have help you sew all the tarps together.

7:45: I want my town to throw me a party. Uptown Art Fair does not count. Babette. Miss Patty. Kirk. Sookie and Jackson. And in my town I want a town sash maker. Any takers? Emily and Richard. So many great characters. Maury. Gypsy.

7:48: "It takes a remarkable person to inspire all of this." Great line. An ode to Amy S-P.
Yep, gonna steal that line and use it in my repertoire. "Spank you into this world, Contractions, Ameotic fluids," only Doose could or would say this. Don't cry, Rory. DON'T CRY!

7:50: Friday night dinners will continue. Awesome. I like that. Don't be late and don't wear jeans.

7:52: Throwing a last minute town party - "No big deal," Luke says in typical Luke fashion.

7:59: And it ends how it begins. The Gilmore Girls ordering food at Luke's dinner and talking.
It's the talking that I'll miss. Bon Voyage, Stars Hallow, Connecticut!

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