Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time after Time (minus Cyndi Lauper)

Timing is everything. Timing is essential in comedy and baseball. If your timing is off in comedy, you are not funny. Unless you have the uncanny ability to hold a joke Norm MacDonald Weekend Update Style
although that ultimately led to MacDonald's demise. But at least he is not a quisling. And in baseball if your timing is off, you strike out. Or if you are a pitcher and your timing is off, you balk or leave a curveball down the middle of broadway. Yep, that's timing for you.

And you can get frusterated about timing, but really isn't that a bit silly. Aren't you just wasting time with being infuriated with timing. Unless of course you are a 38 year old woman who desparately wants children and time and timing are of the essence. But until then, more on timing.

Have you ever liked someone but the timing just doesn't work out? Really, it is the case of most soap operas --- look and Hope and Bo, or Austin and Carrie --- and for most sitcoms. Rachael and Ross. Lorelai and Luke/Christopher. And it sucks when it happens in real life. One personn is ready, the other is in a relationship. Both single but one is taking a job across the country. Both single but then one of the people is pregnant or got his one night stand pregnant. Yea, timing - it's a killer.

Or when you get a new job and find out your pregnant. That's gotta suck. I tell ya, timing makes your question the whole fate vs. free choice. I'm thinking it's a combo, like most things in life. People are mostly in the grey, but yet the extremes on issues are the ones that get notoriety. And I still believe timing is a killer in disguise. And so I will continue to sing my heart out Time After Time.

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