Monday, August 27, 2007

American Hardcore

It has been a movie binger at my house for the last four days. With fostering the dog, roommates gone and rain being on/off what better way to spend your time between Netflix and Twins games. And even the Saturday Twins game got postponed due to rain.

So what did I watch this weekend.
Weeds - Disc One, Season 2 (since I've completed Six Feet Under and Entourage this is my new favorite. It's that good.)

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
Fever Pitch
American Hardcore

And for those of you who aren't in the hardcore punk scene (I'm not) but appreciate local bands like Husker Du and even The Replacements (there's a guest appearance) it's worth to put in your queue.

I like history of music and pop culture. Which is why I am always a sucker for a VHI DOCUMENTARY and don't get me started on Behind the Music which I salivated for every Sunday in college. Yes college, when I had cable TV. So the history of American Hardcore was fascinating to me. I had no idea that DC was so involved. Call me naive, but I thought the scene came out of two places -- underground California (LA and San Fran) and New York. Who knew that Senators kids in DC were all the rage in the scene. I highly recommend it for those into the scene and those like me, who appreciate music and documentaries.

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