Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm a Foster Parent (for a week)

I have the most adorable and smart son. As a mid twenty-twenty-something-young-professional I never at this stage thought I'd be a foster parent. His name is Rhett, he's about 12-13 weeks old and he is absolutely the best thing that will happen to me for the next week or so.

I never thought I'd be able to be a foster parent, even if it's temporary. But turns out, my heart sees the bigger picture and that he will need to be adopted by someone who will love him and provide the best home for his life. I can in the short term, but not for Rhett's lifetime.

BTW I did not pick out his name, but to me he seems more like a Rufus. I dunno, something about him.

Switching subjects I normally don't read the comments, because I try to be anonymous, mostly because of what I do for a living. So when "someone" leaves a comment that says I suck. I like it, because I think diversity in dialogue is good. But if you can't leave a name and you are just saying something without a reason to get back to you, then what is the point. You are not furthering along any sort of debate. So to you anoymous commenter, I'm sure like everyone else in the world you think you are funny and have good taste. But if you don't have any way to get back to you, grow a pair and then comment.


What else in Ms. Minneapolis land? The 87 Twins reunion. Yea, they are my favorite team, Twins team. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that reunion. Who knew Gene Larkin was the youngest one on the team? No clue. And that Juan B is a car salesman, doesn't surprise me, but a car salesman in Chanhassen, freakin Chanhassen, now that does.

But it is weird that Kirby didn't make it to see this weekend. Maybe he overshadowed the team. He did own the 91 series, but I do think Gaetti and the two-person pitching tandem of Bert and Frank were the heroes in that series.

Oddly nothing strange or unusual has happened to me in the last week to spill to the masses. Watch out, that means twice the load for the upcoming week. Take care everyone and enjoy the 87 Twins!!


Mary said...

Photos of Rhett, please.

Ms. Minneapolis said...

as you wish. obviously, i'm not ready for babies, but 12 week old puppy is first step towards adulthood ...or aka mom jeans? jk.