Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My near laptop death

so i started new job yesterday. gotta love showing up for the weekly all-staff meeting. that's right weekly. but when there are only 15 of you, weekly isn't so bad. but the electric was out because of the storms over the weekend. no big deal.

i get home around 5:00ish. noticing that it only takes me 8, yes thats right, 8 minutes to get home. fantastic! turn on laptop. walk into kitchen to make dinner. come bakc and laptop screen is black. i think it just went to sleep. turns out, it went into a coma. or a near death experience.
either way, i'm slightly freaked out and little concerned. because when you ride a wave of good things (new job, apt, seeing old friends, etc.) eventually reality catches up with you and you take a turn towards negative town. i'm thinking computer dying was the off-ramp towards other bad things about to occur.

turns out. laptop went ?#@!!$#$? and this morning i plug it in, turn it on, and PRESTO! like nothing even occurred. so did my laptop have amensia, a nightly coma or was it mad because i left it for the day after six months of using it daily? maybe laptop and i will have to figure out a plan. jeez, i wonder what it would do when it found out i was having an affair with my mac laptop? as the Go Go's sing my lips are sealed.


Anonymous said...
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Simon said...

says the anonymous commenter. Seriously?