Thursday, September 20, 2007

100 Posts on the Day I'm Moving

so i am an infrequent writer. and i've decided to keep speechless "directionless". i think i'm succeeding in those two goals.

i am moving. i can't stand it. it has to be one of those things that aren't so bad, but you make them worse because you are a lazy person and you can't stand all the crap that has to go into moving. because if i am going to do something, i usually don't half-ass it. (this blog being the exception.)

during my break and while listening to my new fave song "1234" it occurred to me i should jump online. bill simmons. randball. quick stroll thru city pages and then to here. sad, i haven't even checked my email. but then again, wwwhhaaatever.

100 Posts on the day I'm moving. It sums up my life. Something I enjoy, writing with something I dislike, moving. I suppose if keeps my life balance in check. Have you ever paid attention to the life balance? Call me a kook, fine, but seriously when someone you know dies within a month someone you know will become pregnant, have a baby or consider adopting something. It doens't fail. That whole Lion King Circle of Life thing, it's in effect.

In effect. Makes me think of Wrecks 'N' Effect (sp check that group name,
I'm too tired to Google) ......"all I want to do is a zoom, zoom, zoom and a boom, boom ...just shake your rump."

A many a 6th grade Spring Breaks watching MTV Spring Break while there are in Florida and being too young to get all the "getting laid" references, but thinking I was a girl in a shallow pool just dancing away in the daylight.

Really, not much as changed. Except I've been without cable the last five years or so, and instead I youtube bands and dance around to videos on the internet.

So 100 posts isn't anything to brag about. Anybody can write anything these days. But I did begin Speechless in Minneapolis in May on the recommendation of my former baby boomer coworker, who is a lover of all things BLOG. so here i write in my Minnesota pants (grey with Minnesota and a Gopher on the butt) and my fave "I heart NY it's the Yankees I hate" t-shirt.

Typing only because I am a procrastinator and don't want to move. Even 100 posts or 100 years from now I will still be that procrastinator girl who loves to shoot the shit and wishes that we could wear sleep pants and hoodies to work. Someday. A girl can always dream and hope.


Siri said...

Congrats on 100 posts!

I can relate to your moving woes, I'm in the thick of it too. Packing dust makes me cry. :(

Anonymous said...