Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well, Well, Well, You Never Can Tell

what a week with bring?

personally, my life is going great. good job. good relationships. good health. all around good times.

when it comes to my interests of sports, music, books and news cycles, this was quite the week.

so i can't comment on the details. i've been too busy. with my own job, attending AFSCME things, moving, events, volunteering and having somewhat of "personal time" i've been engulfed and have had blinders on my peripheral vision to notice, as i call them, the strange things that happen to me.

stupid CJ taking shots at jason derusha and ben tracy. both people i have worked with professionally. i wonder if we could have a pay-to-stone CJ contest? seriously, she is terrible. only in america could someone be a gossip columnist for a living. whatta swarmy job. but i suppose it's nothing different than church gossip.

which is why i am agnostic.

it was good to go to an AFSCME fundraiser last night. growing up in a union household i had to go, to represent the people who helped and stood in solidarity when my parents were on strike. union-busting is all the rage in corporate america, what is sad is that usually the working people are just trying to stay level to support their families. far too long, america has stood on the backs of the people who make this country what it is. and corporate america will continue to do so as along as people don't think for themselves and don't fight. i am fortunate that i am in a job where i can take care of myself and factors in a cost of living. but too many of are brothers and sisters don't.

the goal is to shrink the gap between rich and poor instead of widing it.

best thing of this morning (outside of the fact i think i could continue to be 11-5 in RBall) is Brent Burns on the front page of Strib. yes i admit i have a crush on Burnszie, however i think he is a goofball, and i like that he has a lot of interest and his passion, and the long hair and permasmile help, but i also respect that he has a girlfriend. so i'm not one of those crasy hockey groupie girls, just a girl who'd want to go on a double date with Burns and his lady.

am i fucked up or progressive or neither? i'm guessing it's the latter.

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