Monday, October 1, 2007

The Sporting Life in MinnE

We has sports fans have been spoiled in Minnesota the last five to seven years. Playoff bound, small ball Twins teams, KG, Wild making a trip to the Finals, back-to-back National Gopher Hockey teams, even the upsets against #2 Penn State and Final Four Women's Hoops teams.

And now it's 2007.

No playoff bound Twins. An inept Vikings offense, rebuilding T-wolves, rebuilding Golden Gopher Hockey, but then there is the Wild. And I'm clinging to the notion, that my Mrs. Robinson crush on Burnzie for the last few years was worth the investment. I'm expecting some ROI on this harboring crush ...... Not really, but I have to have some sporting optimist. And I think it could be the year for the Wild. Something has got to make a MinnE loving sports girl cling onto hope. Now I know what it's like to be a Kansas City sports fan or a Raiders fan. Really, Oakland is prolly a better example. The A's are similar to the Twins in size, payroll and how their GM manages, the Golden State Warriors terrible forever, the Raiders underachieving and run by an owner who doesn't know what he's doing anymore and then they have the Sharks.

This all just occurred to me on a Monday morning. My sports loving life is similar to that of an Oakland fan. That's just f*cking depressing.

Tell me again why I don't like Mondays. Thank You Boomtown Rats. And the "it's so bad it's funny" unintentional tactic in this video, is fantastic. (I wonder if 25 years from now, people will say that about my work? oh geez, the legacy factor's not like I'm Sandra Day O'Connor, but there are moments where you question your legacy, particularly with work or your family.)

I digress. And I'm tangled up in my own tangents .........and relishing in "I don't like Monday's 80s bliss."

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