Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Eve of NHL Hockey in MinnE

Happens tomorrow. I'm torn. Second episode of Grey's Anatomy and the first Wild hockey game of the year. Good God. I'm a girl who loves hockey. There will be flipping between the two, but still .....why make a girl choose between the early of both seasons -- Wild and Grey's?

Although the other half piped up this morning -- did the Wild make the playoffs last year? And he was serious. Stone cold serious. That I had to swallow pride and say, "really? You can't remember watching the stalemate series against the Ducks? And that your younger brother took his then girlfriend to the playoff game and right smack behind them were Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau. Really, you don't remember Wild in the playoffs?"

Seriously it was JV version of what was really going through my mind. Lots of [redacted] nouns and verbs and well it was 7:45 a.m. this morning. Poor lad.

But then I began to become quit a tart and asking him who won the world championships of the four-US-considered-major-sports:

Me: World Series?
Other Half: (94 second delay) St. Louis
Me: Superbowl?
Other Half: (Looking for stuff in fridge, 20 seconds later) Colts
Me: Stanley Cup?
Other Half: (Immediately) Sabres.
Me: WTF? Seriously. They didn't even play for the Cup
Other Half: yea, but they were playing well. Are you sure?
Me: We need to stop co-habitating. Flower chamber closed for a lifetime (Not to be confused with the God awful Firehouse "Finally Found a Love of a Lifetime")
Other half: But the Pistons won the NBA
Me: Now you're just messing with me. Ohmigod, you're not. Take the lunch I packed you and have a good day. (I'm left shaking my head)

But secretly, while I was disappointed in the other half, I'm giving him a mulligan. He is not a morning person. And he didn't have coffee. He usually needs a pot to get started in the world. And it did feel good to have sports supremacy over him. Granted he can kick my butt in thumb wrestling, drinking beer and if I ever did play, he would crush me in fantasy football. But remembering facts, figures and all other useless info, I'm still Master of our Household. And it's good to start a Wednesday being Master and Commander of your own domain.

But that doesn't make easier to decide between Grey's Anatomy tomorrow and Wild vs. Blackhawks?


Siri said...

Argh, annoying TV conflicts! Could you tape the first episode of Grey's and watch it another time and stick with the game?

Ms. Minneapolis said...

that would require TiVo or a VCR, two things I don't have. thank G for online video streaming.