Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Work Hangover

It's Saturday morning and I've been up since my usual pre-6:00 a.m. And before I jump in the shower and go to work for a few meer hours, I want to discuss the work hangover.

I'm allowing myself to get too consumed with work. Freakin' consumption issues. But here's the thing. This new job that I've had since August, I am slowly realizing that I came at the busiest marketing time. So on the plus side, next year I'll be able to plan things out, but as for now .....the work hangover.

When it comes to drinking, I've never been one to have a hangover. At least not frequently. Instead I was the girl who could pace herself properly, except on the few occassions in which I would make myself throw up during the evening in order to not have a hangover. Classy and sexy, I know.

So here is how the work hangover is worse than that. I know my own work ethic and shit just has to get done. Fine. I get in early and try to make the most of the 7 - 6pm today, knowing full well that I have an amazing life outside of work. Obviously I'm not doing the best with time management because two weeks after the move, all of my plastic containers and tupperware are still in boxes stacked in a pile in my living room. But damn work hangover, when I'm home I'm too damn tired to do anything. I can barely keep my eyes open for Wild hockey games. And last night I feel asleep at 8:15. The last time I feel asleep at 8:15 when I wasn't sick -- third grade.

God damn work hangover. So tired when I come home from work and all my joints are achy, I feel like I am living the life of what I will be living 50 years from now. And this work hangover has been acruing for a few weeks. Jesus Christ on a Cross, I'm done with the crazy hours. I just gotta muster up the endurance for one more week.

And save some I.V. fluid bags for the recovery.

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