Thursday, October 11, 2007

These are a few of my fave things this week

Work has been a bitch. As a PR Bitch, I can usually take it. But since last post until now, it's been utter insanity. But that's no excuse.

Also I've always been a fan of autumn. It is far superior over the other seasons. Activities to do, the smells, the food, the sporting events, the colors, the light, everything is better in autumn, particularly in October. Maybe it's because the World Series used to begin in October, because most leaves throughout MinnE are at their peak, Oktoberfest, whatever the reason October has always been a great month in my world and I'm not even a Libra.

Then this week 10/7 - 10/14, has to be one of the best "activity" weeks in the Twin Cities in a good, long while. First of all it begins with the ending of Design Camp up in Nisswa. The day to hang out on Gull Lake with your own cabin, can't be put into words. Followed by an evening with Pat McGee Band - a great bar band, with a great, loyal following that has remained great even after multiple member changes, etc. Tues and Wed, Malcolm Gladwell in town. He is my "intellect sexy man" and just the fact that he was in town discussing MinnE and our increase for incarceration and other social change stuff, I'll go there, it gives me a tingle. Brent Burns is a scoring machine. Loving it and loving the Wild's dominance over Ed-suck-ton. Tonight Stephen Kellogg and the SK6ers at Varsity. Sunday, the Wild take on the Ducks and I hope Boogey-Man does his thing.

The fact that I am attending most of these and working 65 hours during the same time period, is a test to my insomnia. So after the best week in a great long while, I might have to take a mandatory three-day coma just to catch up on rest. Of course this is contradictory to my "you can sleep when you die" mantra, but let's face it, I'm in mid-20s status and not getting any younger and lack of sleep messes with my immune system and my fabulous wrinkle-free, blemish-free skin.

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