Sunday, July 1, 2007

I Couldn't Stay Away

what does it say, when i'm on vacation and find an internet connection and feel compelled to blog? i think it says i'm lame, or pathetic.

i got another rejection letter. and poor boy called me all excited because they sent me a package, returning my writing samples, only to tell me "thank you for your interest, blah, blah, blah."

i'm getting more and more convinced that i'm going to work as a consultant or go into business myself. screw it. because if no one wants to hire me or doesn't seem my ultimate upside potential possibilites -- fuck 'em.

now that that is out of my system i have been enjoying myself at the lake. yesterday and friday were both fantastic and tonight will be fish fry, which you can't go wrong with that. followed by making our way to zorba's for the twins/tigers game and driving the el camino. that's right. i'm gonna repeat myself. a 197g grey el camino. does life get more fantastic than that? please don't respond.

people i know are getting ready to leave for NYC. which makes me laugh at or more with them. there are five NYC virgins and they are spending time trying to get a different hotel room. one should not care what the room looks like. you are hardly going to be there people. really. why don't you listen to me?? i've been there at least a dozen times and there are still things i haven't gotten around to seeing. and do you know what i use the room for? to shower and sleep. that's it. silly rabbits. so they are using the other computer and i am trying hard not to mock them. hence why i type?

but the other cool thing of the weekend (so far) is passing on my love for the gilmore girls to the next generation. it's fantastic. it puts a smile to my face. i can't wait to name my daughter Lorelai, much to the father's dismay. i'll write more in minneapolis. happy 4th people!

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Jon Marthaler said...

Don't become a consultant. Just... don't.

Perhaps my experience is not representative, but still.