Friday, June 29, 2007

Vaca and I are BFFs

i took a rocket shot off my right hand in softball last night. got the out. and no, i wear my glove on my left hand. don't ask. and this morning but padding on my palm between my middle and ring finger is absolutely throbbing. normally there would be more whining than this, but that's cause in few hours i'm off to a lake on northern minnesota -- one of my favorite things in the world.

it's not the girls in white dresses with papers sashes and snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. these are not a few of my favorite things. its myself on a lake with alcohol and relaxing flowing in full effect. those are a few of my favorite things, thank you very much maria. sticking with the sound of music, i always changed that song "how do you solve a problem like maria" to my name. what kind of kid does that? exactly. but at least i wasn't prancing around my gazebo with a nazi named ralph. oh wait, we never had a gazebo in my middle class home.

so as i bid adieu to the twin cities until thursday, i will be out of commission. it's going to be fantastic. no emails. minimum phone calls. no working from home. no internet connection. it's fantastic to unplug yourself from the world and just float on a lake and be in touch with nature, to the best of your abilities. because keepin' it real we have running water and no outhouse. never a fan. always thought a spider was going to get close to my va-jay-jay or get a tick in my butt or something weird and prolly not highly likely.

yeah, vaca at the lake is my BFF. i throw the term BFF out there like players throw the term "i love you". but in minnesota is there anything more enjoyable than being on a lake in 80s degrees with sun, slight wind and a refreshing beverage in hand? i challenge anyone to a duel on this topic and will whole-heartedly disagree to an objectors. well now that i've drawn my place in the stand.

happy 4th festivities to those i know, those i don't and the strangers who troll around blogs.

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