Thursday, August 2, 2007

What I Know of Now. (I-35W Bridge Collapse)

I know that I am getting an hour or 90 minute nap and then am reporting back to Red Cross HQ. I know that this incident, tragedy, disaster, whatever term you would like to call it, is now a national story with national magnitude -- and here we are, us Minneapolitans, Minnesotans or transplants helping out.

I don't know much than the average person. I know what I have witnessed with me eyes and my own reports. Right now the most important thing is for people to stay away from the area. Everything last night was roped off from the Guthrie and all the way East. I'm sure today it is even more of the same. And probably even then some.

Having been part of the Red Cross response team and will continue to be part of the recovery team that happens over the next days and months, I have no idea what happened. I am thankful that nobody I personally know is missing and that I was prepared to help when this disaster struck MPLS. We can only hope and pray that people continue to be prepared in the future.

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