Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thanks for the memories KG

i am not, nor have ever been a basketball fan. my love for sports -- the four major ones is as followed:
high school hockey, WCHA hockey, professional baseball, football, college football, NHL, college b-ball, NBA.

so i am not bill simmons when it comes to basketball. but i'm a little sad to see KG go. not that a think the KG deal is a bad one. with his monster contract there is no way the t-wolves can contend. they have a decent young nuclues to work with, as long as the kids don't bolt a la marbury style. but as a PR person i heart KG. always there with the charitable causes. good guy in the community, hell he even took a swing at Rick Rickert which is a-ok in my book. (never been much of an East Greyhound fan.)

but it still seems a bit surreal. and strange. no more KG. i hope he gets a ring. he deserves one.

what else? a bunch or weird random stuff has occurred since i left the friendly confines last week. just got back into good old MPLS late last night. gotta catch up on Age of Love, see how my final four is panning out. at this point -- i just want a coug to win and not Amanda. but what's a twenty year old cougar in the making to do?

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