Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who has a case of the irritables? (I do, I do.)

Warm weather makes me cranky. The humidity. The heat. I strongly dislike it. Won't it just freakin rain -- ASAP.

Nine degrees, or the boyband 98 degress has never done a thing for me. Muggy = Ms. Mpls crabby. And I can be a pill when I have the irritables? I don't like it. I'm snappy, meaner than usual and way more sarcastic and rude.

I'm not making excuses. I just want a label for my mood. And MAYO doesn't quality heat and humidity as medical irritability -- but you know what, fuck 'em @ Mayo. That's my policy.

Speaking of policies. I am heavily considering public policy school. Still a thought. But would be a good one. So where do I go from here?

Into a deep freeze cooler would be fantastic. Now if I could only get myself into one and not die like Punky Brewster's friend --though technically it was a freezer that she/he suffocated in. Oh Punky --- where are you and your boob reducation now?


Simon said...

If you are considering policy school, I strongly suggest going into the search and the schooling. While my two years at the Humphrey Institute were better than working an entry-level job and enabled me to bypass two years of climbing the government career ladder, the schooling end of my time there was fairly worthless.

I found the school populated with obnoxious holier-than-thou liberal-types whose purpose in class discussions seemed to be to prove themselves as the true heir to Marx, and all other fascists to be scorned.

Could just be Humphrey, but friends who attended other Policy Schools have reported similar experiences.

Ms. Minneapolis said...

Thanks for the heads up, Simon. I think I want to go into nonprofit management if I do go, but now with new job, I'm still weighing all possibilities. I have no desire for MBA, which is what most of my professional colleagues have. Thank you. The only two public policy schools I've looked at were Humphrey and Duke, and yes, the people were similar, even below the mason dixon line.