Sunday, September 2, 2007

Moving, The Format and a Potential Mother-in-Law

How is your Labor Day weekend going?

The title sums up mine. Something I loathe (moving), something I haven't seen in person and am excited to see (The Format) and family, even if it's not technically mine. Seems like a good Labor Day weekend to me. The only downside is no time at the lake, but considering I spent two solid weeks there this year, I'm ok with that.

Talking with the potential mother-in-law, I'm very aware that I know who I am and am comfortable in my own skin. That's a good thing to have and good to know when you are out shopping and know what you like and what you don't.

But enough of that. Reusse called in best when he wrote in today's STrib that "Brewster should shut up and coach." We friggin lost to Bowling Green. But hey, at least we aren't Michigan dropping a nonconference game at home to App State. Wow. That's all I gotta say. Those three seniors that decided to stay, couldn't be the biggest choke artists since the 86 Red Soxs.

The Twins. A season of frusteration, is wrapping up to an end. It's not fun to be watching a wild card race. I guess we've gotten spoiled by Gardy's Group since he took over. But I'm hoping they are gearing up for 2008, because the White Sox are as well and it looks like the AL Central will beat up on itself. But hey, I'll always root for the Yanks to not be in postseason baseball.

Like one of my fave shirts reads: I heart New York, it's the Yankees I hate

And that doesn't change.

High school football and Big 10 season that is not the Gophs, will be exciting to watch. But football is just a tune up for the greatest game on earth .....nonprofessional hockey. That's right, high school, WCHA, getting tingles just thinking about it.

So as the summer winds down, I've enjoyed the summer of 07. Sure it might not be as catchy as the summer of 69, but I'm gearing up for the state of hockey 2007-2008.

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