Monday, September 3, 2007

Review - The Format

Station 4. The Format. Losing my virignity to both, because the closest The Format has ever been is Chicago. So I was excited. Even didn't make a trip to the lake over the three day weekend to check out the show. And, well if the name isn't a give away, I don't go to St. Paul for shows. Unless it's something that is a must see. And well for shows, outside of Faux Jean at the Turf Club, usually every show I want to see is happening in MPLS.

So the review. Let it be noted it was an all ages show. And these little 18 year old concert goers have no respect towards the other people in the crowd. Rude, little sh%ts. And they started moshing. At a Format show. WTF? And hello, this isn't 1994 and nobody is wearing flannel, nor is this a Hardcore show.

The later children of the 80s are ruining 80s babies for those of us born in 80-81.

I digress.

The Format, fantastic. Tons of energy. Good song selections. Played all things I wanted to hear, except cover songs. But that's ok. I would travel to see them. Which isn't saying too much, given there are 4 bands I already travel to see. If you must know (DMB, Radiohead, PMB, SK6ERS) so The Format would round out my Top Five.

They are fantastic live. Sam and Nate are the focal point, but everyone else does a nice job of shining in their moments and being good team players.

What slightly bothered me where all the friggin 18-20 year old frat boys pushing and shoving and being stupid. I told two of them off. What else was not cool? Alcohol free room, because of an all age show and hotter than the rainforest. I'm not kidding. It was Brazil degrees at Station 4. So when they return I hope it's 21+ and somewhere like Varsity Theatre or hell even Fine Line. 400 Bar or Cedar Culture Center would be fantastic, but that's too much hoping.

So The Format, get to know their poppy goodness and tell-it-like-it-is lyrics. It's worth it.

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