Saturday, September 8, 2007

An Overdue Post

The fact that I haven't made a comment on the world who prolly lead to the question:
are you okay?

But then I realize that only a few (five)people sworn to secracy and potential cut throat tactics implemented by yours truly actually know the person behind the fascade, so it really doesn't matter that I haven't posted this week.

It's just a busy week, even too busy for me, to notice the little things that I usually do in the world. After attending a burial at Fort Snelling on Friday, on a gorgeous day, which made me think the twisted humor that goes on in this world, but then I realized it is the twisted humor I apprecaite. It's like whatever is bigger than us humans, has a way of keeping things in balance. In August I had the fortunate of three great things happening to me and now in September three not so great things.

Keeps me in check and I like that, but it doesn't make it any easier when you come to terms with things you regret (aka the worst day of my life), a burial of a 22-year-old-fallen-soldier and giving up a foster puppy.

So this week, and especially yesterday Ms. Minneapolis was in a state of mourning. And going through the way I grief, we all handle grief in our own ways. The one thing that has been a ray of hope (that could be a bit much and way too cliche, even for me) is RandBall, the starting of NFL and other blogs I read.

So thank you anonymous world, for helping me through the week. It's like the normalcy I was lacking this week. And don't get me started on trying to cross the 10th street bridge .....

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