Monday, September 10, 2007

Remembering and Moving Forward: The American Way

It's been a weird week in the world of Ms. Minneapolis. Attending a burial at Fort Snelling, giving up foster dog for permanent home, personal things, work, family, ya know the rest of the stuff that everyday Americans face.

Sometimes I think we forget about the beauty of day-to-day living. I know, it's sounds lame, but there is something about Minneapolis spirit and Minnesota pride and something about being an American. Maybe because 97% immigrated to the states. Well I don't know the exact numbers, but I know that Native Americans are not in the majority. Maybe you know your roots and can trace back where you came from, or maybe you don't care. There is a theory that must "supernations" can only exist for 200 years before things start to fall apart. In a turn of coincidence, the US it approximately 231 years old officially. Are we slipping?

That's for you people out there in the world. And maybe I'm for once too much of an optimist, or maybe it's my US pride that I think we will always be a supernation because of the spirit of our citizens, even the illegal ones. Because most of us can trace our roots back to coming here from somewhere --- name the country and the reason -- whether opportunity, religious persecution, adventure, taking chances. We as citizens of this country are from brave people, whatever that nationality. People who took a chance, who decided they wanted a better life for their kids and future grandkids and they worked hard, they suffered and they settled. That is way I am a fan of

And just thinking about things over the weekend, I know I am not in PBS market research or even on their radar for trying to reach me as a consumer. But I can't wait for Ken Burns' The War to begin on Sunday, September 23rd. Visit
to see for yourself. I'm guessing someone in your family played in a role in World War II, whether he/she actually served or stepped up back home to replace the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who were displaced across the world.

And away from the serious topics, I'm kicking off the NFL season 10 - 4, but three of my combined losses were by 7 points!?!? The agony. But it's just a sport and it's nothing extraordinary -- like the ordinary people who do extraordinary things every day. They are ones we usually don't highlight.

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