Friday, June 8, 2007

F Friendships

usually i don't get mad. i don't get angry. i get frusterated. frustration is usually my M.O. but at the moment i am seething. the dissolvement of a friendship has occurred and i don't even know why.

about a year or so ago a good college friend blocked me out. and i don't know why. i called her to see how she was doing because her father passed away and she never called back. i sent emails. i sent cards. i even this past spring send her a gift ( a SWAG one that i had received but knew she would like) and a birthday card. i got the gift mailed back to me with a flashcard note that said
"can't accept this" and her initials.

i don't know what happened. it's the strangest thing. and i'm torn between sending her something to let her know that WTF!! and that i will never be contacting her again of just to let it go. in general it is hard for me to let things go -- work, projects, family stuff and especially friendships.

so WTF? i'm not sad about it anymore i'm freakin mad. Awww Fuck.

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