Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Why I love June .... cause sometimes I forget

i forget the joys of the month of june. it wasn't until this weekend that it all reoccurred to me why june is a good month. playoff hockey beards in full force. twins usually pick it up along with johan. although maybe that hasn't occurred yet this year. the weather in minneapolis is usually fantastic before the hot, humid hellish stuff rolls into town. i'm a baby and can't stand the heat.

what else about june? graduations = usually good snack food and humorous or dreadful graduation speeches. summer concert tours kick off. june rhymes with moon --- kidding!

i think most of it is the weather. tipping your toes in the freezing cold lakes of minnesota, unless you are referring to the pollutant puddles of harriet and calhoun. have you ever looked at them from an airplane? they are green like HiC Ecto-cooler. "hello nasty" beastie boys style. as i was saying .....

and it really took me a weekend up north for the happy june memories to be flooded into the psyche. and oddly enough i have dated a lot of boys born in june -- must have a thing for the geminis, since one personality is not enough for ms. minneapolis.

however the damn sens are making my june disappointing. stupid, penalty thrashing ducks are prolly going to win much to my dismay. but seriously is JS Giggie really made of velcro. no rebounds -- it's absurd. i suppose its better for the wild if the ducks win, but i can't stand their coach carlyle and i can't stand how freaking good 22-year-old Ryan Gatzlof is. he could be my new boy crush over brent burns. oh wait, i will forever be mrs. burns in my mind. but that has a lot to do with june .......til the next time when i have something more profound or at least, entertaining.

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