Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm a Nervous Nelly

so here's the thing. In approx. two hours i have a writing test for a new job. i'm really excited about the position because it is with a small group and i would be doing some new marketing things. there are only males working there @ the moment, besides the lone female accountant. i seem to do better in male dominated environments, because the more uteri or uterusus, whichever way you prefer, the more uncomfortable i become. i don't know. i think i've just had bad female leadership role models. but i want this job. badly. and that makes me nervous. normally, i'm not a nervous person. but every so often a feel the butterflies and get a little twitch in my left eye. (nod to left eye lisa lopez for a moment of the death of TLC.) luckily the butterflies are there but not twitch. good. only like 90 more minutes of this sh*t. and BTW this sh*t is not bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

you know what else doesn't make me feel good. losing. i'm not an ultra-competitive person. but i play softball on thurs nights. pretty good (damn keillor and his pretty good) team. we like to have fun, not take ourselves too seriously, etc. but last night we played no D @ all. and then when we rallied 8 runs in the last inning we went to sudden death and the other team just walked runs in. didn't even swing the bat. this is ok for the 1st couple of runs -- insurance runs ---i get it, but for 8. are you FREAKIN KIDDING Me?!?!? and then Red (Ump) made some horrible safe calls against us. whatever. but here is the worst part the team that beat us they are just OK. we held their best player to singles. our outfield which i am a part of was horrible. i'm so not a gracious loser. not even the two LAX (La Crosse) lagers post game could relief my spirits. so losing before an interview does not put me at my smily self, it puts me into bitter self, which really isn't good for anyone. how do you get rid of a sour taste in your mouth, besides just brushing your teeth?

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