Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Poopmobile or Popemobile and a Knock Up that's a Knock Out

since i work in the world of integrated marketing with a focus on PR i'm always scanning for headlines of the day etc. etc. so to my great amazement today i found this snazzy headline on "Man Launches for Popemobile"

first to my chagrine (sp check?) popemobile = funny phrase. but then on a different site that had a typo and it was poopmobile. and now folks this was not The Onion or such. it was i can't recall the site, but it was (sadly) immediately fixed. so i think the window of opportunity to catch "man run towards poopmobile" was small. but by gosh goly i saw it and it was fantastic.

so i usually just write. being a writer, at least a self-described writer i think to throw my quirks and comments into the world and don't really give a damn where they end up or who reads them. but today i still can't get over judd apatow's new flick "Knocked Up." i am slightly biased. i adored his Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared and appreciated his 40-year-old Virgin 'fo sho.

but "Knocked Up" is a knock out for any 25 - 50 year old hipster. the best part is apatow's knack for conversation and going beyond just the surface layer of comedy. somewhat of a true story perhaps (google photos of his wife who stars in the movie to either agree or disagree with me) "Knocked Up" is his most grown up film/video to date. and it's fantastic.

the only down side, much with the 40 year old version is that Paul Rudd (i heart him) and Seth Rogen have such great banter back and forth that no doubt most frat boys will be quoting it. but "Knocked Up" is such a knock out of the ballpark, that i won't be surprised if it is up for something during oscar time.

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