Saturday, July 28, 2007

Master of My Own Domain

when you share a bed with someone, you get accustomed to their sleeping habits. snoring, blanket hogging, kicking, tossing and turning, drool on the pillow, talk in their sleep, and all sorts of weird baggage that comes with a person sleeping.

i sleep flamingo style. kinda on my left side. left leg straight, right leg with knee up towards my chin and bent. kinda like a flamingo. but here is the thing. i am a stationary flamingo. i will fall asleep and wake up in the same position as when i went to bed. my kicker is that i am up ridiculous early all on my own. i've never needed an alarm clock in my life. i don't know where i got this internal rise and shine thing, but it usually makes the person i am sharing a bed with not happy. because in the summer i am naturally up at 5 and ready to go, no coffee needed. so it is a pain in my side when i wake up before 5 and have to lie there calmly and quietly trying not to rouse (roose?) the other person.

so earlier this week when i had the bed to myself i felt like the master of my own domain. i could use all four pillows. sleep in the middle off the bed. turn our illegal ac all the way to high and put the fan on me. sleep with my favorite quilt. have the radio on at night or throw in my i-pod on my sleeping soundtrack. do you think i did any of these things? DAMN right I did. and it was gratifying and wonderful and i woke up at 5:15 and started dancing around in my underwear to The Current. why? because i could. master of my own domain, even if it was mere moments.

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