Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Frusterating Twins (and others)

So reading the morning Strib sports section. Typical beginning to my work day. And there is a quote from byline from Nick Punto: "Punto says it's time to play better." Now I'm not going to kick a man when he is town unless he deserves it, but seriously that is the byline. That's like President Bush saying, "The bridge collapse is a tragedy."

Duh, no sh%t and where to you (Bush and Punto) in their respective cases get off saying such a statement. I'll give Punto a reason he might haved been the only Twins player left after the two crushing back-to-back blows by the Mariners. But the President, I plead the Fifth.

These shirts are fantastic and I wish I had thought of them. Moving on.
My grandmother is 75 and grew up on the Iron Range. Yesterday she left me a message, no joke on this that said the following:

"Hi (my full name) this is your grandma. I wanted you to know that a lady in the building died today. So I took her ironing board, because I hear you only have one. Her iron which hasn't been used in six months. Some dish towels, pots and pans, and a real good one for stir fry. There are some other things, but just wanted to let you know."

Yep, that is part of my gene pool. I picture my grandma to be walking around her senior living complex like a vulture, scoping out the next prey, circling in on it and then cleaning house, wiping the deceased person out of essential housing items. Please note that I never wanted to asked for anything. In fact I told her don't buy me anything until I move in October. And to grandma's credit she hasn't bought me anything, she's just waiting for the next death in her building.

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Anonymous said...

tell you what, make the shirt a sweatshirt and Im there.

sincerely JPF