Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Marbury defends Vick, calls dogfighting a sport"

According to what Marbury hears "dogfighting is a sports. It's just behind closed doors." Are you kidding me, Stephon?

A sport where you kill your dog if it doesn't win, is not a sport. It is cruel and unusual punishment. Even boxing doesn't train you to kill your opponent or be killed. And trying to compare dogfighting to deer hunting -- are these people eating doggie venacin? (sp check). I sure hope not. And I'm not even taking the puppy lover approach to Marbury's comments. I just think he is an idiot, but I guess I thought that a decade ago when he broke my bandwagon NBA heart and decided to play closer to home. Well guess what Stephon, your bags are ready for the Italy basketball, personally and professionally.

Maybe Marbury does have a case for athletes being built up and then being torn down. But the Vicks, yes Vicks, both Michael and Marcus are sadly full of potential that goes to waste because of bad decisions. Look no further than the recent death of Eddie Griffin as an example. So to Marbury's first quote, he's a effing idiot, by maybe, just maybe he deserves some cred for the second argument. While I'm a big sports nut, always have been and always will be, there is something to be said about when athletes make stupid choices that ruin their careers and I'm guessing prolly their passion or biggest love. But then again, what do I know, I'm just a fan.

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