Friday, August 24, 2007

State Fair = Autumn Right Around the Corner!

Yes the "great Minnesota get together" has started. Whop-A-Dee-Doo and an enthusiastic finger rotation is my response. Don't get me wrong the Fair is great for some. Food on a stick, making fun of people, really making fun of people and taking a nod of self appreciation that you aren't like some of the freaks that come out for the Fair. Seriously between mullet sightings and camel toes you can't go wrong.

But here's why I like the Fair. It means autumn (BEST SEASON EVER) is right around the corner. The light changes, the leaves, the smells, GREAT food (cider, apple crisp, the end of grilling which always tastes really good for some reason).

So without anything occurring in my life, I was already jazzed because with the beginning of Fair is the end of summer and the start of my favorite Minnesota season. And then just got better.
Three of my TOP TEN current bands are coming to Minnesota this fall.

PMB at Fine Line in October, SK6ERS at Varsity and Hold Steady in November. I already got a free ticket to Hold Steady, how sweet is that? And The Format come to town next weekend. Everyone else may be stoked for "the great get together" I'm excited for the bands coming to town. Now if only the Twins could make it as a wildcard........

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