Monday, May 14, 2007

22 Hits and Misses ... (following a 22 hit game by the Twins)

22 hits:
Almost Famous. Weekends @ the lake. Gilmore Girls. SK & SK6ERS (
PMB. DMB. Beer. Gin and Tonics (especially in the summertime). Dry humor/wit. Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes. Sarah Vowell. On the Road. The Daily Show. Minnesota Twins. Golden Gopher hockey. High Fidelity. Traveling. Grey's Anatomy. Matt Damon. Palindromes. Sportscenter. Scrubs.

22 misses:

Inconsiderate people. Current MTV reality shows. Passive aggressive behavior. Back hair. Y'all. (it is not a contraction.) Port-a-potties. Bar league softball teams that don't drink pre-game. Ridiculous gas prices (remember when we used to think it was outrageous to pay over $2 a gallon for gas and now it's over $3 gallon. CRAZY!?!?). KSTP 5. People walking in downtown during the pre-work, post-work hustle who just stop in the middle of the sidewalk for no reason. Hummers. Palindrome - the movie. (never rent or see this, ever.) Mickey Mouse Club (for the catchy theme song and creating too many famous people.) Those who refer to high sport as their "glory days." Snow Patrol. Fake people. Flat land. $12 martinis. Brad Childress. Self-induced sabotage. Boring people. Anna Nicole Smith and all her drama. Seriously.

Feel free to add your own hits and misses.

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