Sunday, May 13, 2007

Countdown to the End of an Era

My ode to Amy Sherman-Palladino. Seven seasons of Tuesday nights spent watching Gilmore Girls. A "tween" show claimed but watch religiously by this twenty-something until this season. Yes the departure of creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Dan has altered the show for me. Not as funny, not as witty, too regular. The sad cliches that occurs when shows have run their course. Which is sad because the Girls, as I called them, embraced all things that I love. Wit, pop culture references, politics, dramedy and the creation of such phrases like dramedy. Plus for all the younger kiddies the show single-handily created the WB. Chad Michael Murray now on One Tree Hill debuted on the Girls, Jared Padelecki now on that one show CW with my favorite Days of Our Lives Eric Brady, Adam Brody who leave the WB for Fox and The OC, Milo Ventimiglia on Heroes. I'm pretty sure -- like Garrison Keiller and Jim's pretty good grocery store -- that I will have a date and time entry when the series finale occurs. It will be like Bill Simmons style but without any references to Boston.

So Amy aka Lorelai thank you for the Tuesday night laughs and the memories. Of all the places in the world I want to live, I think it would be Starts Hallow. The countdown begins only 47 hours, 59 minutes to go.

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