Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Connector

Ok so not to steal from Malcolm Gladwell, but I have come to the conclusion that out of the maven, connector and salesperson tripod, that I am 85% connectors, 12 % maven and 3% sales -- but only the 3% when I have to be. Maybe this is why I'm a freelance writer. Could I not sell myself well enough in interview? Is that my missing ticket to full-time, health insurance employment. Back to Gladwell.

The Connector. I don't know if it is because I recently spent 48 hours on a road trip with a high school friend to visit another high school friend or what the deal is. But lately I've felt the need to connect with people I have spoken with in 5 years or less. And actually it is interesting to learn that I am a natural connector. None of the conversations seemed forced or awkward. They just kind of pick up where we left of in our lives. Although with my ten year reunion on the horizon, I am adamant about not attending it. I like I will go to Bali instead or Rwanda or anywhere but back to high school. Don't get me wrong. I was voted most likely to be the next Jeanine Garofalo but I was also voted best smile. I liked high school. But the thing about high school is the tendencies for people to look to the past and put people back in those boxes that they had people in. I don't like rules. I enjoy guidelines. But I definitely don't like the thought of being but in a box. Which is maybe offensive that I told a former boss once that s/he was a "box like thinker"??!!?? I meant it because he/she was very much an organized thoughts person compared to my constant ramble. I think in tangents. I speak in tangents and by goly I am a fan of the tangent .....

As I was saying. I've been reconnecting with people. Although their are two people that are not reconnecting with me. One is my bad and I don't know why. So not knowing the why has been killing me. The other one -- I hope this person never reaches out. Although it could be inevitable because we share similar people in our lives. Connectors are good to have, as Gladwell states in the Tipping Point. And I wear my Connector Badge of Courage -- they are on sale at the Electric Fetus or Pizza Luce -- proudly. But it is nice to look back and think of the people you are connected to. How is this for a mind fuck? I am connected to Oprah Winfrey in less than six degrees of separation. My eye doctor--- his daughter is friends with Designer Nate-- who is on the Oprah show. Bitches that's four degrees from me to O. So if she can take over the media world, as well as the stay at home mom world, will I someday take over Minneapolis? What a frighting thought. Although my boy does want to get into politics. I could be the next Teresa Heinz Kerry minus the millions in deceased spouse income, speaking five languages and annoying hair flip.

Cheers to Connectors and Happy Sunday. (gosh I miss football Sundays.)

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