Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blyleven's Mouth Leaves Him Shorn (I approve)

I don't have cable. which i am ok with. but when it comes twinkie time, i'm at the bar on more of a regular basis watching the Twins. So last night I was perplexed when they kept showing pictures of bald men or those with shaved heads. Since there is no volume at the Bulldog, I had no idea of the bet Bert made with Johan about the complete game/shaved head thing. Boy was I happy (all smiles) to turn on the radio and have John Gordon inform me of such news. Then I thought to myself what other things could be done to Bert when he crosses the line.

For example -- everytime he says the phrase "major league level" more than three times in a game, there should be some sort of punishment.

The list could go on for punishment phrases. I wish the organization would just shit can his ass, but I don't see that happening before his birthday. Only 300 more days until that. He was a decent pitcher, not worthy of HOF, and he's an awful color man for TV. And his voice and himself stinks for radio. I rest my case. Other fans can disagree. Sometimes I miss Batgirl.

I digress.

So the other thing (BC I open you are appreciating the capitalization of things so far :) I woke up this morning to The Current. The only good thing on the radio these days. And the morning crew were discussing "The Long and Winding Road" and how Paul knew The Beatles were going to break up. Which immediately popped into my head -- bands I wish I could have seen at some point in my life. I rattled off 15 or so, the list to come. Again in no order, but I'm not an orderly kind of girl. I am what I am, it is what it is, so SHOVE, I'm sassy this morning.

The Beatles circa post 1967. When they start to get weird, but before the inevitable break-up and the John and Yoko years. She's on my list of folks like Bert. Boo-urns.

Guns N Roses: In context. About 1987, when Appetite for Destruction is on the rise, much like the band, but Axl doesn't know it yet, so he still shows up for shows but without the ego

The Clash:
This would have to be in the U.K. and during The Clash record. It's the punk in me? What can I say?

Beastie Boys/Rage Against the Machine: When the toured together in the round. Before Rage broke up and then got back together. It's after Sabatoge and pre-Tibetian Beasties. The energy would be insane. If you could bottle their "round energy" and hold onto it, i'm guess there is enough life to give you an extra few years in the world.

Hole/Nirvana: I'm not sure if they ever toured together, but that's what I would want to see. Hole opening for Nirvana and then encoures by each band to feature members of the other band. Live Through This - is still on my TOP 20 for all-time fave albums. But that's a list for another day.

Anything at the CBGB from 1978-1981:
Blondie. The Ramones. Sex Pistols. Snorting coke on toilet seats and getting laid over bathroom sinks, what's not to love? I have been to the CBGB before it was destroyed. For me, it didn't live up to the hype. It's a shithole, but not a cool one. I was disappointed. Still am.

Traveling Wilburys:
How do these guys sneak in there? It's a fair question. I like most of them as single artists --- Orbison, George, Tom Petty, Dylan,etc. Plus I feel it would be one of those shows were you are watching them jam for a few hours and get the pleasure of being able to hear their inside jokes.

There are a lot of underground bands that I would have liked to have seen or see. But that's for another day. Cheers people!

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