Saturday, June 23, 2007

What's your PPM?

Let's get it started by saying PPM = Personal Pissy Meter. Depending on mood, co-workers, occurrences in life, your PPM will vary. Some days its low and nothing can piss you off and some days its quite high and well, those days, they are poop stain days.

PPMs can happen whenever, for whatever reason. Driving. Riding the bus. A comment. The way the sun is glaring at you. I like to think that maybe as I'm growing older my PPM is decreasing. But such days aren't the case. For example.

I walked into my old place of employment. My former quad is now replaced with the Blonde Squad. It was nauseating just to overhear it. Not one ounce of wit or cleverness. Which makes me glad that I bailed. But really the overheard conversation is so blah that it's not worth repeating. Then I realized the boring factor was tapping into my PPM. Had to leave the 3rd floor and walk on down to 2nd floor.

And second floor I was greeted by former co-worker who is known for having a high PPM. She's fantastic. She doesn't say much, but once she lets you in ...friend for life. And the comments towards the organization and just her insights, hilarious. And it's not that I need to hear just negative things about the former employer. That's not true at all. But when you as a 100+ person organization are collectively moving the dial forward and then you get stuck treading in mediocrity, what's up with that? Sure others come, others are replaced. But how can you keep making progress or moving forward, when there is a constant revolving door?

It was also hilarious and good for my PPM to be lowered listening to people that don't think they are treading, that they in fact are making progress to in his own words, "change the world."

Really? How can only an organization with a small county radius -- all things considered when changing the world -- be an effective leader of change in the world. Ok buddy, you keep drinking the kool-aid and I'll see you in 20 years when we all meet back at the middle. Because that's what happens. Or at leas that is what my intuition tells me. You start off in a blob, just like seven-year-olds playing soccer. Like an amoeba. Then you reach 18 and start to take off in different tangents and directions. And then about the time you're say, 50, your life experiences put you back in the middle. Your ideologies might be different but your experiences are similar. Kids finishing school, parents heading to nursing homes, getting AARP magazines in the mail, etc. etc.

But until then, I am going to refrain from the Kool-Aid and work on making my PPM low, or at least lower. Girl's gotta start somewhere.

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