Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursdays Thoughts

Nothing happening but usual in these parts, which is a longer way of saying nothing is new. This morning I have been listening to CDs that I haven't listened to in awhile. Plenty of old school rap, which is interesting. Some Jayhawks, Jodeci and Norah Jones. As you can see I was in the J-section of the collection.

I suppose I prolly should be getting more nervous about still working from home three months later, but I'm not. Maybe I'm to laissez fare about it, but it's the French in me.

Any thoughts on Sammy Sosa hitting #600? Some. I find it funny that is was against the Cubs, a team he loved and was beloved by. And considering he hit 545 with the organization. But yet how is Sammy Sosa in the same club as Ruth, Mays and Aaron. I know why he's in the same club as Bonds -- roids use -- but the other three. Him and Bonds don't deserve to be with those class acts. Although The Babe is borderline class act, he is still a legend in baseball and will always be.

I've found this new site to be entertaining. There is a portion that allows for sports debates and for others to pick sides of the debate. I haven't thought of a topic worthy enough, but when I do it will be posted. I'm just waiting for the perfect, um, better timing.

My guilty please "Age of Love" I watched in on the computer yesterday. Ha! Oh it's so bad, that it's good. And one of the kittens and I nearly share an exact birthday, just one day off. So I might root for her for the kitten portion, but I'm mostly in it for the Cougs. How will they ever be able to repeat the show now that people know the premise? Second question, how many of the Cougs have had some sort of plastic surgery? For sure Jennifer and Angie. And get this, apparently on WE, which I am without, they had a show dedicated to Cougars. Oh that's great. Props to SL for first introducing me to the phrase and the concept. I like to think I'm a cougar in training.

Hoping the Twins can keep their momentum going in F-L-A. Who knows though?

Also hoping that two-way D from Cretin D-Hall will drop all the way to #19 for the Wild. Though it doesn't look like it. But a girl can hope, eh?

A friend told me he ghosted in a shopping cart over the weekend. This is a near 30 year old. WTF? It made me LOL, but how can you ghost in a shopping cart? Stand up in it and stick a leg out the side? Or an arm? But that's no fun. I can understand the ghosting in a car, but a shopping cart?? I suppose when you have your reunion of sorts and it's in a farm town, what else can one do?

Learned two friends and I share a C-Connection. We are all bitter in our own ways. And are all resolving it in our own ways. But it doesn't make it easier or hurt less. But it's comforting to know they also have C-stories. In the sake of anonymity the C-ness will not be revealed.

What's on tap for the rest of the day? Research for an interview, Read and Relax. It's a rough life, I know.

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