Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TOP TEN a decade ago to today

i want for all eternity to put on the record i am not a pack rat. i can't stand shit. there are few things i save. photos, music (tapes, cds, records, sheet music) and journals. so upon my amazement i found one from 1997. i was dating a tool, to no surprise, but yet kind of cool. here were my top ten fave songs in '97 and my best of today.

THEN: (in no particular order)
Me and My Bobby McGee: Janis Joplin
Loved her as a teen. Did several HS papers on her. Good shit

Misty Mountain Hop: Led Zepplin
I never got into Zep until college and I detested them in HS with all kids were Zoso shirts and such. But I had a fascination with Misty Mountain Hop. Maybe it's the whole "don't care, don't really care which way the winds blow" vibe.

All Apologies: Nirvana
Of course it is one of the best things to come out of MTV Unplugged. Enough said.

The Dance: Garth Brooks
Sentimental reasons. What was I thinking? But I suppose there are worse songs

Levon: Elton John
Oh the night notes. And the disappointment when I shelled out some good cash to see Elton only to find out he can't hit the high notes and sings it an octave lower. Let's just say it ruins the song. Freakin' Elton John.

Walk this Way: Run DMC and Aerosmith
I thought this was so cool, even release in the late 80s amongst the hair metal bands and teeny bopper mallrats. Unfortunately this tune created the likes of Fred Durst and Linkin Park, but still great collaboration.

Porch: Pearl Jam
On one of the better albums of the last twenty years, Porch will always remain my fave PJ song.

My Way: Frank Sinatra
Reminds me of grandparents. Although none of them are East Coasters or Italian they sure loved good old blue eyes

Hey Jude: The Beatles
It's the ending. "Na-Na-na-na-NA-NA" and the repeat of the ending

Try a Little Tenderness: Otis Redding
Secret confession here. This song is in Pretty in Pink, a movie along with Dirty Dancing, I've watched too many times to count, especially from the ages of 7 - 14. So when I stumbled upon an Otis Redding tape in 4th grade it never got taped over. You know the drink, but scotch tape over the wholes on a tape and PRESTO! new tape to record Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40. I lament that I ever listened to Rick Dees. But what's a child to do in northern MN?

So now to the present
Fake Plastic Trees: Radiohead
It might be one of the few songs I can listen to on repeat for more than an hour. It's that good.

In My Life: The Beatles
Stuck between Norwegian Wood and Love Me Do, is this gem. Lyrically relevant 50 years ago and 550 years from now.

Me and My Bobby McGee: Janis Joplin
Remains for personal reasons.

Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley
His version is substancially better than Leonard's. It's eerie good. Goose bumps just now.

Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan
Where to begin? The Minnesota legend is incredible. This and Tangled Up in Blue are my faves

Southern Cross: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
I don't know if Neil is a part of this one or not, but I don't care. Another song I could listen to on repeat for hours on end. I think I relate to the "woman-girl" sentiments and I think if most women look into themselves they can find their inner "woman-girl."

Pictures of You
/Just Like Heaven: The Cure
Yes I know they are two different songs. But I couldn't decide. Pictures of You loses some points for being in HP ads, but they were kinda cool ads. And "Just Like Heaven" with the beginning the most will start singing to a tad early, the "show me, show me, show me, show me how you do that trick?" makes me want to get up and start moderatley skanking. ska dancing that is. sidenote: how many people have ripped off robert smith of the cure? ridiculous.

Gimme Shelter: Rolling Stone
I moderatley like the group. But they have some great blues rock songs and this one tops my list. The background chick singing is awesome. Astonishing and awesome. Good combo.

Porch: Pearl Jam
The second repeat from ten years ago. It begs the question: "what the fuck is this world?"

(Sittin on the) Dock of the Bay: Otis Redding
Now I still am a huge fan of my previous Otis selection. But having grown up on or around lakes, this is the song I think of on the summer when it's dusking and my feet are swishing in the water off of a dock -- any dock -- calhoun, medicine lake, superior, detroit lakes.

So that's in my top ten of ten years ago and today. I'm going to wager that in ten years from now some will remain and some will change. At the present I'm loving this song called "Inches and Falling." It's catchy and upbeat and could make in on my list in ten years. Like my list matters, but all things are relative, relatively speaking :)

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