Monday, June 18, 2007

Kittens vs. Cougars. MEOW!

so i've summoned the strengths to write. hallelujah. although due to meeting up with friends i am going to miss the opener of "Age of Love."

yes some will never watch it. find it disturbing, tasteless, a waste of time. i however am in none of those categories. let the record state i have been a fan of Mark Philippoussis since the Aussie first came onto the scene. after patrick rafter he's my next fave Aussie tennis player. eat that, lleyton hewitt, who should never have ended things with kim cjlisters. but again that is just my editorial opinion.

why i think this show has potential to be brilliant. three words:

Kittens versus Cougars

that's right. 40-year olds duking in out with 20-year olds. being a female in my 20s, i relate more to the cougars. because at the later stages of 20 realm i'm confident in who i am, what i want and don't feel the need to impress or put up with shit. usually they show 20-year-old women has complete morons with fake skin, fake boobs and fake intellect. i'm sorry i don't look like leather yet, my boobs are real and the itellect is well in tact. so i can't wait to catch the repeat. and i'm hoping feverishly that there is going to be tennis commentary throughout the show. such as the following scenario:

he's on a date with a woman, puts his arm around her (a winner down the baseline) she says he's great (a lob that is returned when he says) "no i think you are the cat's meow." (another cross-court winner.) if the producers haven't thought of the commentary, they should steal it. the show premiers tonight at 8:00 pm on NBC at love-love.

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