Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tantric Tuesday or Gin and Tonic Tuesday to Come

I've been up since 3:38 a.m. That's right. 3:38 a.m. Now am I Kim Insley working for KARE 11? That would be a big fat negative. And to be fair, I am a morning person. But not a 3:38 in-the-morning-person.

But I've been productive. Showered. Quick walk. Put together my soundtrack for my interview that I am leaving for in approximately 4 minutes. Fingers crossed. Although there have been some part time projects on my horizon that look interesting.

I want to settle something. About 4 years ago my friend B, claimed that out of The Hives, The Shins, Jet and White Stripes that The Shins would be the most successful. I claimed The White Stripes. And with their new stellar album out this week, I think I win.

Sometimes a girl just likes being right.

So I've decided since I've already been up for five hours that I am going to be more aggressive at this interview. Who knows, it's worth a shot? I figure I will kinda know once I get there what direction I would want to go. That's why intuition and reading people are my favorite skills.

And why tantric Tuesdy? It begs the question -- why not?

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