Sunday, June 24, 2007

Santana, Bert and the Big Hurt (if only Frank could play 3rd)

as a sit on sunday, boycotting PRIDE and relaxing in the friendly confines of my recliner i'm going to write and watch the rubber match of the twins v. marlins. but there is going to be a game involved, because outside of the workplace and relationships, i enjoy games. it's the bottom of the 2nd and i'm going to keep a running tab of how many times bert blyleven uses the following phrases:
  1. “major league level”

  2. “dropped the head of the bat,”

  3. “pitchers are the best athletes on the field"

  4. “only {x} days until my birthday”

  5. “you are there by circled”

12:36 pm -- one for #3 as santana gets a RBI and a stand-up triple.

i'm going to take a wager that #1 will be the most used phrase. granted i've missed the first inning and a half, but i'm coming in close to the beginnin as julie andrews would say "a very good place to start."

should johan be an all-star this season is the question? determining by wins, no. but by all other pitching stats, yes. will the twins have any players voted in, no. why? small-ball and small market. is morneau the most under-the-radar- M-V-P? yes. will he repeat? no. will johan or mauer repeat? no. hopefully they will get to the playoffs and win a series. damn AL Central is just going to beat up on itself. i'm waiting for the indians to start to choke, hasn't happened,yet. but just watch ... and wait.

yes the twins could use a new power RH bat and 3rd baseman. the big hurt, much like jim thome rocks the cashbox @ dumpy dome. and the big hurt kills twins pitching. last year's postseason series, i think he was batting close to .500

Error. Error. on L-rod. WTF? And Kim just stopped on the base path. Huh? I thought there was a suicide squeeze on. Who's the baby for the Marlins on 3rd?

12:43 -- brett carroll prompts bert to drop a "major-league level" phrase. chalk one up for #1

wicked change-up. thank you, johan.

1:07 -- discussing kim and is awful post-season as a diamondback. but that he now as 46 wins at the "major league level." that's 2 for #1

1:05 -- rick rodin, great athlete. this is a 1/2 point. since rodin was a pitcher and part of the phrase was used. yea, i'm callin' my own shots in my game here.

score so far. 2-0-1.5-0-0. it's only mid 4th still.

payback error and punto gets hit in the back by boone's throw. and santata is 2-for-2. wow.

i'm getting sleepy. will resume the game from piece of paper and post later.

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