Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sayonora Mary

Back from the lake and Back to the Future without the Parkinsons disease. Luckily. Although I was never a huge MJ Fox fan, or Alex P. Keaton for that matter. I do find it disturbing that Parkinsons diseases exists. Sad.

But on a more cheerful note. Mary from Age of Love, my guilty pleasure for the summer was sent sailing.


Ohmigod. She irritated the shit out of me. Who cries that much? "I'm 24 I should know better,"she proclaimed. Are you freakin' kidding me? I'm a few years older than you, identify myself with crazy Maria and yet I know that I occasionally make poor decisions, but so what. Live and go on. And don't even get me started on the other two 20 somethings. Sick.

But I made a prediction early on that the final four would be Adelaide (we share similar dates) Jen, Maria and Amanda. So it's down to five and I still have three in it. Although watching the show sometimes I feel like it's going to be between Jayanna and Megan, but there's something about Maria and her calling it like it is. Maybe I like her the most and identify with her the most so I want to win.

Jesus, I could discuss this show at lengths. I think I need serious help.

Speaking of SOS. I nearly strangled myself to death with an i-pod cord in my sleep. Sounds like a freakin' Darwin death. Can you image the headline: "Mpls woman found executed by i-pod cord." ok, so I admit to being vain and wanting my mug on jacket sleeves, but I don't want my face on the Star Tribune to be with the above headline or caption. Luckily, I awoke to free myself from i-pod strangulation.

Back to the grind. Literally. Working tomorrow and thru the rest of the month. Sometimes freelancing sucks. But I shouldn't complain. Out of the last 20 days I've spent 11 at the Lake. Notta bad gig. But its HOT back in MPLS and I'm not a fan of anything over 84 degrees. And humidity -- fogetta-boutit. I think I would melt to death like the Wicked Witch of the West if I lived in anything below the Mason Dixon line. Either that or the intolerance-racism-slow-pace-to-life would be my ticket out of the world. That's another sad death, but at least it wouldn't be i-pod strangulation.

So kiddies, it might be some time off so I can (ahem) work. Jesus. And I'm not even close to retirement age.

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