Friday, July 13, 2007

But if I was going to kill anyone ....

it might be mary from my guilty pleasure "Age of Love." ohmigod. she cries. all the time. ALL THE FREAKiN' TIME. it hits my up-chuck/irate factor, which is tough combo to get out of me. tipsy and fast talkin', yes. laughing and sarcasm, a given. but to make me get slightly angry and want to throw up, almost impossible. it's something about mary, and not in the good cameron diaz way.

she's unbelievable. i don't know how she's made it this far. she has no respect for the cougs ( BTW i'm rooting for maria or jen. i think maria is too smart for him and if jen kisses him more i think she has a shot, based on their last week kiss.)

god i can't believe i'm discussing this. it's friday the 13th, i'm allowed to be weirder than normal. although that sounds like something the stupid frat boys said during the gopher hockey riots.

oh gopher hockey -- hats off to thee.

back to killing mary. oh geez, just take a glimpse for yourself. and if you can make an episode without rolling your eyes around her, with you are a more patient person than I.

happy weekend, everyone. off to the lake again. so no it's some work, a lot of play and minimal blogging. unless of course it rains.


Anonymous said...

I honestly can't picture you watching Age of Love. But since I have my own TV guilty pleasures, so I withold my judgement. ;) - Siri

Ms. Minneapolis said...

it taps into my enjoyment of Grand Slam tennis. i usually don't read comments cause I figure it's ads. Glad to hear ya!